Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another fanfic

This one might not be everyone's style, but it's interesting - Edward never came back after New Moon, and everyone meets up later in life...Bella has an interesting story to tell. I'm not completely done with it, so I hope it ends well!

Mushroom Ravioli

Corinne and I made it. Corinne was just a super-star in the kitchen. I'm just so blessed that she chooses to come over each Wednesday to cook with me. I've learned so much.

It turned out to be more lasagna than ravioli, but it was awesome. Just not as awesome as Corinne.

Thanks for being my friend, Corinne.


Fan Fiction: The Puppet Master (sounds like a horror movie)

So- I read my first fan fiction last night, the one Alison suggested. I had been wary of reading any fan fiction; cause I really think Twilight belongs to Steph and no one else but I got a little curious about this one. I started reading at 11pm, and I read the whole thing...which means I was up quite late- but I had to keep reading, it was so interesting (once you get past the first few pages)
Who else has read this one? what did you think?
I am really impressed with it, I love that Bella is really a 2nd hand character in it and Jasper is front and center. I think she nailed some of the characters right on the head (even edward) and I am really interested to see how she writes within New Moon- Check it out if you haven't, we could have some great convos with this one i think.


Penelope (with Christina Ricci) is out on DVD on July 15th - and will contain new footage for the Twilight movie. I'm totally buying it (my bday is July 13th, not that I need an excuse)! Should we have a SVC Penelope Party in July?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A New Term!

"You're a vampwhore!" Erik just called me when I asked if he'd bring me some cookies. Then pop them in the microwave to warm them. Then rub my back.

Especially for you...

It looks rather like some worms have been at my poor apple...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Official Movie Website

Official movie website with a little video

Twilight Tuesday is Up!

Hot off the press!

Open Call

Anyone got any more interesting fan fics to read??? there are just so many to choose from, I don't know where to start.

TM posting

Maybe you all already saw this? A TM met a few of the actors on set, and got to have a long talk with Robert Pattinson - lucky lady. Although I think it's really interesting to hear this kind of stuff about him, I really just want him to be Edward. :-/

Here's the link:


Playing With The Layout

Sorry -- I wanted to put the logo up. Depending on time tonight, I should be able to come up with a layout of sorts. Although this is pretty simple and simple = Kari Happy.

Great Thread About Breaking Dawn

I mentioned this thread yesterday. It has a lot of great resources & ideas about what will/will not happen in BD.

The things I feel it's safe to assume about BD...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Here's the Volvo that Jes, Corinne and Kari saw...


Our Blessing!

I forgot the most magical moment of the night.....
When I droped Kari and Corn off at their car, a shiny silver volvo (with tinted windows) was parked near Kari.

A blessing from God on our club.

SVC Club meeting minutes:

5:30 - Kari, Corinne, Erin, & Jes
We meet outside of the MOA's Old Navy to pick out t-shirts.
We grab a few shirts of differing colors and styles and head to the changing rooms. We went back and forth trying on the tees; do we get gray or blue??? The attendant gave us odd looks and eventually asked what we were doing... we really didn't know how to answer without sounding crazy...she continued to give us odd looks.
We finally decided on black tees.

6:00 - We wander around MOA, walking a whole lap, we eventually get to Claire's where Kari geniously finds us fab earings to wear with our tees! Penguins! (can't wait to see if anyone at the signing gets our little inside joke)

7:00pm- We meet Ryah @ Chevy's
we order our food... (next time we shoud go somewhere with mushroom ravioli)
Discussion starts:
Did Leah imprint on Jacob?
Does imprinting go both ways?
What will happen in Breaking Dawn? (this brought about heated/passionate debating)
which lead to the Jacob vs Edward debate... of course.

Also talked about:
The Twilight Musical
Twilight art projects
and, the brilliant idea of bringing Steph a gift from the SVC! (we decide on making her a tee)

-------at some time we call Alison--------------
(hopefully you could understand some of what we were shouting to you!)

Future Meetings:

May 6th- the signing

May 24th - Meet at Ryah's @5pm
for drinks, talk, etc....hopefully make it to Karaoke

May 31st- @ erins (time tba)
Dramatic reading of Chapter 1 of Breaking Dawn read by our hostess!
Activity: bookmarks

Shiny Summary

OK, Jes, I know you're secretary, so feel free to add/correct me as needed, but I just wanted to summarize things before I forgot them...

1. Ryah, you are getting your shirt and an extra one for SM tomorrow at Old Navy. We'll pay you for the silkscreening and SM's shirt when we see you on the 6th?

2. We are (pretend) taking Ryah's parent's Bella truck on a road trip. Maybe to Forks, maybe to Chicago, maybe to the MOA, maybe just down the street. But it'd be great to get a picture with it no matter what...(maybe we could rent a silver Volvo for the day too? And an old crappy Rabbit?)

3. We are making Twilight the Musical. (This is my favorite.) Comment with who you'll be playing and we can start scripts!!! :-)

4. Kari, can't wait to see the finalized logo you come up with tonight!

5. I hope it's OK, Kari, that I asked you for a Hitch Me Baby banner for TM - whenever you want to debut it... ;-)

6. We are getting together for an SVC meeting at Kari's (is that what we decided?) and karaoke at Boulevard's on Saturday, May 24th. I am keeping Friday, May 23rd open just in case any of you want to get together that night as well (I was waaayyy too sad I had to miss the last SVC meeting).

7. We are having a Special Edition Eclipse party at my house (in Cottage Grove - if that's OK with everyone...) on Saturday, May 31st. Ryah will bring her copy, and hopefully mine will come in the mail by then. Alison - wanna drive in for this one?

8. We had an intense discussion about who Jacob will imprint on, if anyone. I think we should make a chart or scale to show where everyone is at on the Edward love factor versus Jacob love factor...I might make one...or maybe I'll make a Seventeen magazine-ish quiz titled: Are you a vampire or werewolf girl? That could be fun, even though everyone knows who they're rooting for already. I could use Survey Monkey.

9. We also discussed whether Bella will be changed right away in BD, if at all. ???

10. I had so much fun tonight. Alison...if you change your mind about May 6th, we're meeting at the Barnes and Noble in MOA at 7am that day. ;-)

Off to brainstorm a quiz and ideas for the musical!

I am totally jealous

of the alleged Shiny Vampire Club get together going down tonight.

So have lots of fun for me and come up with some crazy ideas!



So, I don't know how you guys feel about copyright ethics...I feel kind of bad about this, since I've had to take entire classes on copyright in my library program, but someone who works at a movie theater got the Twilight trailer, posted three screen captures of it along with a transcript of what goes on within it.

And I SO went looking for it. Because I'm impatient that way.

If you want to see, here's the link: and are both condemning it...but I couldn't help it. And it's pretty awesome, as things go. I can't wait to see it for real! :) (And if anyone comes across a YouTube link or something like that for the real thing...let me know!!!)

(Can I get into trouble for posting that? Since this is a public blog?? Hmm...)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

twilight guy

I am sure some of you have seen this, but if not check him out...

it will be interesting to see his thoughts as he reads the books (he's reading a couple chapters a week and then writing about it.)

I am almost positive that Corinne and Ryah could pick this out of a lineup...

I felt weird not having a siggy for TM, but I didn't want to search for a bunch of premade ones. Nor did I feel like doing anything elaborate. So I booted up the gimp and used my messy touch pad to "draw" myself one. yeah. not as sexy as everyone elses, but definitely alison....

Shiny Vampire Club - April 18

Link to TwilightMoms

Alison: Do you have a good group one you can post from karaoke?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Getting my paranormal fix on...

yeah yeah, we all know I watch Ghost Whisperer and lust after Jennifer Love Hewitt and her soooo hot nightgowns that look like real dresses.


Moonlight is back on with new epi's! I didn't love the show, but I am too obsessed with Vampires to care. mmmmmm. Turn it on if you are home! xo


Still Wandering Blog

I came across this today. Its a blog of someone who is studying film adaptations of fantasy books. There is some stuff about her going on set (more to come later) but if you scroll down (and I didn't read all of it) there is information about the real book locations that she visited and pics and stuff. I thought someone might find it interesting. Enjoy.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


So I started a Young Adult book club for teachers at my school - some of the best connections I make with kids are through books I recommend to them (and discussion that follows) and when I was talking with some other teachers, they mentioned how they wish they knew what to read for YA fiction etc etc, so we had our first meeting today after school.

Guess what our first book was?

Of course it was Twilight! I'm obsessed, after all. So I had about seven female teachers of all ages in my room after school, and NONE OF THEM LOVED IT. A few liked it, a few didn't really like it at all (not enough action blah blah blah) and I just wanted to stand up on top of my desk and yell at them all! How DARE they!? They even went so far as to rib me for my undying love for Edward...


So I had to share with a group that loves it as much as I do. They don't understand. And when it comes down to it, they were all glad they read it just because pretty much every other girl (maybe more) in school and a lot of boys have read it. But it just made me sad that they thought it was too romance-y and boring.

(Side note - a science teacher read it but couldn't make it to the meeting - she loved it and has already read New Moon and Eclipse. So at least I converted one! Yay!)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SM Interview!

Borders has a new Stephenie Meyer interview! :-)

So does Barnes and Noble...

And here's my favorite Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart interview together yet...she picks something off of his face, and calls him handsome, and he teases her, and she only seems mildly annoyed during the interview! :)

And...Robert Pattinson might be writing Edward's lullaby! Wow.

So much video to watch today!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Check this out ladies, a pretty long interview with Robert! Enjoy! (it's a clip of two interviews)

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Thanks Kari for pointing this out to me!!!

I love this clip more than any so far, I think. I love hearing Robert Pattinson's American accent when he says "you better hold on tight, spider monkey..." and seeing them it love it love it.

Found This On My Left Forearm

Thanks for the artwork, Kari.

My throat feels like ass, and other thoughts.

Ah, drunk blogging.

1. You all are way, way too generous. Matt and I listened to the CDs on the way home and I am so happy. Are you sure there's no one I can pay for these? Or the jewelry?

2. Sorry for the Taco Bell text message. Old college habit. Jes, I would have texted you if I had your number (what is it?).

3. Alison, thanks for letting me be friends with your friends. Will you move back to Minnesota NOW? It was awesome seeing you.

4. Ryah, it was awesome seeing you too. And your husband rocks. And he worked at Valley Fair!!!!!

5. Kari and Corinne, it was great meeting you both. Sorry I got insanely drunk within an hour of doing so...

6. Between singing, yelling and smoking, my voice is shot to hell. A sign of a good night...

7. I'm already lamenting my hangover. :(

8. I've never sung so much Britney Spears in my life. (Jes, we missed you!) And, if I'm being honest, I've never rapped in front of people whose opinions I respected before. (Uh oh.)

9. Clove cigs rock. Thanks for letting me bum.

10. Tequila is delicious. Even whilst burping. (GROSS.)

Peace out!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Borders Book Club: Stephenie Meyer

Have you guys seen this? I haven't even watched 2 mins of it but it seems pretty awesome.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ok, I'm Done

We're laughing really hard right now. I mean, isn't this gorgeous? Like hooker VD gorgeous?

ok, I need to go to bed.

Avatars After Wine

Corinne forced my hand! Switzerland! Jacob! *shudder* ;)



You can almost hear!

Ladies- have you seen the new footage by the oregon FOX affiliates? It has no voice over, just filing and you can almost hear edward/bella dialogue. AHHHHHH! I think it's the best yet for Edward facial reactions...

Movie updates!!!

You might have already seen this...but I love SM's comments. And I want to hug Kellan Lutz. And I want to see this Edward/Bella chemistry everyone is speaking of.

I can't wait for December. :-D

I'm in!

So I finally got acccepted to TM, but I need your help. That website is so large and overwhelming. Tell me what are your favorite places to play, what I need to check out, etc.

Thanks much!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm so sorry...

I know the colors are ghastly, but I couldnt' handle looking at the beige any longer. possibly have had too much wine to make it look cute. so fix it for me. I just needed it to change.

Last Avatar For Tonight



Vampire Name

So I was looking arounf twi/moms, I fugure I need to start posting since I have a fancy new avatar to show off and I came across the site that generates vampire names... mine is aweful!
"Empress of the Ghastly" !!!!!

I was hoping for something prettier!
heres the site:

One More

Code to use:


I can make more! I love making avatars! I'm healthy! This obsession is healthy!


my "mix tape" is kind of not staying on track. haha. pun. ha ha. yeah i'm a geek. Its just that I like so many songs, and I'm like, they need to hear this! and then I am like, but does it apply, i don't know. So I'm doing my best. Its kind of more of a sappy/downer cd sofar, with only like 2 exciting songs. but I think it'll be good.

Off to forget about the world with my wine and my juno.


Out of the Loop

Damned driving everywhere and never really being able to look at a computer. So jealous that you guys get to gab during the day. Thanks for all the info you share. My inbox has never had so much to do in the past 3 days!

Awesome article...

You probably already saw this on the Lexicon, but here is the article to go with that awesome MTV film clip...

:-) I love when Kristen said that she and Rob sat around her dining room table for a few nights, working on the script!


So whats the deal? Who has details? Do I eat before I come? Should I bring anything? Let me know what to expect.


I heard "No Air" by Jordin Sparks in the car and I got the chills super bad.

Egads, I feel like a teenager!

Monday, April 14, 2008

So I didn't get anything done tonight

I didn't get anything Twilight-related accomplished. I worked on my freelance stuff and now I'm totally fried and not feeling creative at all. I really wanted to get some fun new logo stuff done. Sorry guys. I'll probably have to work tomorrow night too but the good news is I got the crappy stuff out of the way.

I hope.

Now I have to go surf Twilightmoms to make sure I didn't miss anything!

I'm sure you've seen these...

but I can't decide if I like them or not... a little disturbing, but funny. Especially the team wolf, its not beastiality if he hugs you back... I also like the "I'd Imprint that" one...
there are links on the left for vampire and forks shirts too.

At the risk of embarrassing myself...

...I have to ask. Does anyone else read fan fiction?

I do. I started last fall when one of my students wrote an article for the school newspaper about fanfic and roleplay (RPG) sites. I don't do the RPG sites, but I do like reading the fan fiction. It's what kind of tides me over in between re-reading the books.

I started reading true fanfics, like Alphie's The Lion and the Lamb (basically Midnight Sun done by one of the founders of the Lexicon), which are pretty good, but I don't like these speculations on what happened/might happen because then I get confused between what really happened in the books, and what just happened online...

But what I do love are the "alternate universe" fanfics. I've read lots of them, but here are the ones I love the most:

Boycotts and Barflies by vgjm (on

(there's also a sequel in the works to Boycotts and Barflies called We're Going Where!)

Stranger than Fiction by psymommy (on the TM fanfic forum and Psymommy's LiveJournal account)

Passion Fish by qjmom (on

Some of them are kind of smutty, but they are all fun and angsty and romance-y. Boycotts and Barflies AND Passion Fish are about Edward and Bella when everyone is human, but Stranger than Fiction is about the fictional romance going on between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Mmm.

Anyway. Thought I'd share! :)

Minima Ochre

I was just looking at the layouts, and I am not going to ever be our computer tech person, but I found this template and It was called Minima Ochre! So I thought till our tech savy members do something fab with this, I'd switch it! I mean, it's called Ochre!

Is the Mormon upbringing going to rear its ugly head??

Again, I am deeply disturbed about this Midsummer Nights Dream idea.... on top of that I REALLY don't think Jacob is going to be much of a player in the fourth book... I think that is what the Prologue by him was all about, it is time for him to move on and imprint and live a life w/out Bella. I am almost certain Stephanie is going to write a book about where Jacob goes in the end of Eclipse and all his new expiriences and finding his true love when he imprints... could be Jacobs "Twilight Story".

Gosh- If it is midsummery... I guess I wouldn't mind a little Jasper/Bella action or for that matter Emmett/Bella Action... though I doubt it, that would be a bit insestuous. BY THE WAY! Did anyone else think that the Jasper actor in the movie was INCREDIBLY hot in the MTV clip...WOWZA!

(just to let you all know, I am a really horrible speller! sorry!)

This is my favorite...

I know all of you have probably seen this, but it's my favorite "behind the scenes" movie clip. So I thought I'd post it here, so it's easily accessed to watch over...and over...

(I love when he laughs because he can't dazzle the camera at the end...)

Logo - 1st Rough Draft

Here they are so we can compare. Leave your thoughts in the comments. I will try and work on them tonight, but I also have some user testing to do this eve. Damn, I so wish I didn't have to freelance. Anyway, enjoy!

May 31st 2008

I am sure most, if not all of you are aware that a special edition of Eclipse comes out this day, and it had the cover art for Breaking Dawn inside!
I think I am going to buy it because I don't own my very own copies of the books yet. Scandalous!

OME! I am so excited!

I feel all the obsession starting to pour back into me! Thanks guys!

so excited!

this is such a great idea!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I am glad you are pleased

I am serious when I say please make this your own and tweak as needed...

I am sad to say I will be away from the computer all day tomorrow.

I wish I had time to play and check out all the fun I imagine you guys will be having. ...I guess you all might have to work too???

I LOVE this!

It is SO all coming together. Fate.

Simply Fantastic!

Oh this is great! I am all for this blog!
My mind is racing with ideas, and thoughts, and projects, and weekend getaways we need to take, and ideas, and thoughts, and...


This is fantastic.

Hello World

Holy Effing Awesome.

just in case you all wanted your own blog

to post all sorts of ridiculous vampire shit. you should all have permission to change settings and post and whatnot. I haven't done anything with any of it. I don't know if you actually want it, but I thought it would be fun to set up anyway. just in case.

have a good night.