Monday, November 15, 2010

The Vampire Diaries Catch-Up Chat!

I have finally caught up with all the latest episodes of The Vampire Diaries as of this morning!! This season has just blown me-- I was very worried that last season was going to be a fluke and that the show was going to have a 2nd season slump on creativity and storyline, BUT I WAS SO WRONG!! I think I just thought the show was too good to be true, I mean it's such a good show-- how can the writers be so awesome and creative? It just goes to show that I am not in any way a writer, cause I can't even imagine coming up with such great story lines, and plot twist like that which this show has delivered to us since it began.

I have just finished watching the episode titled, Katerina, and it has really brought us to an interesting point in this 2nd season-- here is my attempt at a recap of the last few episodes I have failed to blog about:

Bonnie & Jeremy- LOVE THE IDEA OF THESE TWO TOGETHER!! Jeremy has really come into his own-- physically and personality. First off he has gotten so HOT! The boy is really channeling the adorableness + physique. And Bonnie, I love Bonnie-- but I'm kinda upset that she seems to be getting played again with these new Warlocks, I don't want her to be the victim, I don't want Jeremy having to save her, I want Bonnie and Jeremy as an invincible duo.... maybe they are just playing with me and Bonnie will see thru these new Warlocks.

Caroline & Stefan - The friendship between these two is just so great, cause they both really need a FRIEND, and somebody that is totally 100% friend with no physical attraction getting in the way and I think that they have found that with each other and I hope the writers see that and acknowledge that. Cause really, the one thing that these two both struggle with is that need to be loved, but no in a romantic sort of way. They both are rejected by members of their family repeatedly so they each need to have someone in their life that is on their side purely out of LIKE, not love or hate.

Katerina/Katherine & Elena- The idea of why Elena is a doppelganger is now known, and it's interesting. I really had no idea nor do I still have any idea of what twist and turns this show is going to take us to the end of the season, and I love that, cause too often I find that shows and movies are too predictable. My hope is that Katherine and Elena will evolve into one person/vampire.

Damon: Love him, love him, love him. And now hopefully the writers have given Damon somebody to love that isn't Elena as well. I think this new Vamp could be a good match for Damon... she just needs a little more edge to her? I dunno, though my new theme song for Damon is Usher's "Somebody to Love"

Alaric: Where for art thou????? NOT ENOUGH OF MY VAMPIRE SLAYER!!!

What do you all think?

8 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Yay for Vamp Diaries update! We were needing one.

I've always had a crush on Jeremy.. and it's just gotten better :-) I like the potential of him & Bonnie together, however since she's now found a new "friend" with similar interests as her.. I have a feeling the whole Bonnie/Jeremy thing won't happen - at least not for awhile.

and *ahem* Jes -- that's a Justin Bieber song!! Usher just has a part in it ;-)

I don't like Damon & Rose together. I think they're a horrible match. I doubt the writers will turn that in to anything. I think last week's hook up was just the 2 of them feeling lonely & needing some physical connection with someone. I think more is to come between Damon & Elena. They are setting some pretty big ground work with all of that -- I bet the end of the season will drop a bomb shell!

Jamie Manning said...

I agree with you guys...the Jeremy/Bonnie/new guy storyline is very interesting. And Jeremy? Yowsa, that boy's hot!

I love Caroline! There, I said it. I know some people don't, but I adore her. And even more so now that she's a vampire (I love vampires, so the more the merrier!) And her friendship with Stefan is great!

And I think Damon does need a romantic interest (though he's never gonna give up on Elana, no matter what he says!), but I'm not sure Rose is it. Something annoying about her, IMO.

Great post!

Jes said...

Actually they both have a version on each of their albums, i've got the Usher one!

Jes said...

And, Jamie, so happy to have you chat with us!!!

Tammy said...

Yay! I am finally caught up too.

Jeremy is adorable! I like the potential-something-may-happen between him & Bonnie. I think it will happen, oh yes I do.

I also love Caroline. She is a great vampire and I'm so happy they kept her around instead of killing her off. But her & the wolf boy beings friends? Hmmm... I love the friendship between her & Stefan!

The Elena thing is interesting but I'm still like... waiting for more to come.

Damon - OH MY WORDS. Could he be any hotter?? I know he has he bad for Elena but just seeing him be passionate & kissing on someone. Yup yup! That's ok in my book, he needs a distraction!

Jamie Manning said...

Tammy - I'm with ya on the Damon thing...he could make out with the wall and I'd watch! lol

Tammy said...

haha!! :D

heatheryruth said...

Jes, I been WAITING for you to post so I could say....LOVE Bonnie and Jeremy together! I really hope it goes somewhere. I agree I would rather they let them just be uncomplicated. There's enough drama with Elena/Stefan/Damon.

Ahhhh Damon, I want you to not be such a jerk and find someone! (FYI my hubby LOVES Damon, we crack up A LOT with his one liners!) I agree watching him be passionate....ummm YUM!

Jes misses Alaric...I miss Matt! I liked him and Caroline together and I want to see that happen again now that she is learning to be in control!

This season has been VERY good so far!