Monday, June 30, 2008

Question of the Day

Twilight has inspired many people to write their own fan fiction. If you check them out, I want to know what are your favorite fan fiction stories (link if you like) and tell what makes it good. Has anyone started there own?

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Here are some pics from our special Breaking Dawn First Chapter Get-together.
Erin read to us out loud, there were some cries of "what?!?", gasps, cheers, and laughter!

Vampire in Disguise?

He was breathtakingly beautiful. He had impeccable taste in music. He only comes out at night. The Front looks like a vamp lair. And I bet Corinne would vouch that he smells good, too.

Could DJ Dirty Duke be...a vampire???

This one's for you, Triple D.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vampire Academy

so my bff and the rest of the "coven" are off celebrating corinne's golden. I'm here at home reading. Apparently the club or whereever the hell they are is "Vamptastic", or so the texting says. hope you are all having fun.

Anyway, I read Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead today, and I was very surprised by it. The title made me think it was to be this shallow kind of romp, somewhat like Bluebloods (which I read today as well, and liked, but not as much as Vampire Academy.)

Basically, its about like this vamp girl and her "guardian"-- her best friend who is psychically linked to her and trying to keep her safe. oooooooookay.... that doesn't make sense written out. I guess you will just have to read it yourself. ;)

"do you want me to hold you?"

ah-ha. I know its obnoxious when people recount their dreams to you, but I can't help it; last night's was ridiculous.

I was running away from something deadly, down a dorm corridor, banging on all of the doors. A man let me into his dorm room, and I knew he was a vampire. (and tres cute) I was so frightened from what I was running from and couldn't calm down. Finally he asked "do you want me to hold you?" and then we laid on his bed and spooned. Thats it. That was the whole dream. Spooning with a vampire that I've never met before... meet alison, the vampire slut.

Bobby Dupea

Just check this out...guess who this crooner is!

Very interesting, what do ya all think?

A Happy Golden Birthday!

Today is Coven leader Corinne's Golden Birthday!

Happy Birthday Corinne, we loves ya!

Edited to add the obnoxiously-colored banner ;)

Question of the Weekend

I have a simple question to ask of you all this weekend:

Why are we drawn to vampires? Is it just the Cullens for you, or where you like some of us and also had a thing for Angel and Spike, or other vamp characters?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Question about City of Ashes (Spoiler)

(City of Ashes being the second book in the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare)

I re-read the series (well, two books), and I have lots of questions, but the one I want to ask is...

Do you think Simon can be out in the daylight because he drank all that Shadowhunter blood?(well, Jace's blood. And Jace is.. you know... special)
or do you have other theories?

Also, who do you think Jace is, really?

Question of the Day

Since I have parties on the brain, here is the question:

If Alice were going to throw you a vamptastic bash, what would be your wish? Do you hate all public merriment like Bella or will you indulge Alice's party instincts and go crazy?

Let the partying begin!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


My husband just saw the Twilight trailer at "Iron Man". He doesn't even like Twilight. He, in fact, hates it. Of course, I have only seen it on my laptop. Has anyone else seen it on the big screen that actually enjoyed it?

Question of the Day

Maybe this question is too morbid, but I've been re-reading Twilight, and the first lines are

"I'd never given much thought to how I would die--though I'd had reason enough in the last few months--but even if I had, I would not have imagined it like this."

How do you think you might die? by vampire? What would you prefer?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Anyone planning on going to a Border's release party for Breaking Dawn?

the Lex posted this little blurg about the parties at Borders:

"All Borders and Waldenbooks customers are encouraged to attend the free parties dressed as characters from the book series to participate in the “Supernatural Soiree” costume contest. The fun begins at 10 p.m. with the “So You’re in Love with a Vampire?” trivia contest using questions supplied from…,… Customers will also have the opportunity to decide who the character Bella will choose for her true love – Jacob or Edward – during the “Love Is Perfectly Paranormal” debate. Throughout the “From Twilight til Dawn” parties, there will be prizes for contest winners, including special souvenirs and a chance to be first in line at midnight to purchase the book."

I looked up my local borders and there was info there about the party. So whaddya think? Anyone going to do this?

Question of the day

We have all theorized about Breaking Dawn, and what will happen to Bella, the Cullens, etc.

What do you think will happen with Charlie? Will he have a large role in BD?

I have a theory, but I want to hear yours.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Question of the Day

Assuming Bella changes into a vampire, what do you think (or wish) her vampire power will be? Do you think she will have one at all?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Glam Fangs!

I know that vampires don't actually have fangs but wouldn't it be awesome to wear these for Halloween? I'm like ten seconds away from buying them.

Check 'em out.

Talk about awesome!

Check it out! Vampire Vineyards!

Question of the Day

In The Host, by Stephenie Meyer, the protagonist, Wanda's assessment of humans is that they are needlessly violent, too emotional, in short, a very ugly race (etc.) Does this line up with your worldview, i.e. how do you view humans, humanity?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blue Bloods

Oh, man. I am SO hooked on another series.

I started Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz yesterday, and finished it today. It's awesome. It has quite a few similarities to COB/COA, except Jack isn't as hot as Jace (yet, anyway), and in my opinion, Oliver is waaay hotter than Simon. If we're comparing characters. Which, they seem to take similar roles in the novel.

The books have the setting (NY, NY) in common, the nightclub opening, the close girl/boy friendship, the too-intimate sibling relationship, and similar ideas of Claves/conclaves - leaders who run the covens, really.

This book is much more vampire-y than COB/COA but has much less about other magical creatures (nothing, really). It's set in present-day Manhattan, but has a cool historical twist in that the Puritan arrival in Plymouth and the lost colony of Roanoke are weaved in. I don't want to say any more about that, though - I don't want to spoil anything.

I highly recommend you all read it - I want someone to discuss it with! Couple things of note - I didn't realize that it was a series. I now have Masquerade, the second book, on reserve at the library (though I might have to buy these), and the third book, Revelations, comes out in October. So at least we won't have to wait long!! YAY!!!

Also, I wish I would have known that the main character's, Schuyler, name was pronounced Skylar. I finally looked it up halfway through the book when Oliver kept calling her "Sky." I had been erroneously pronouncing it "Shooler" in my head. Like rhymes with "Bueller." Evidently Schuyler is the Dutch (original) spelling of the name. Which makes more sense, once you read the book and figure out all of the history and stuff.

Weirdest thing - the author keeps referencing Muse's "Time is Running Out" in the novel. Muse must really inspire vampire authors! ;-)

Anyway, I really enjoyed it. Thought I'd share!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Question of the Weekend

So I stumbled upon pics of the Cullens' Crest, created by Artisans Designs. Here is one of the pictures.

My question this weekend is:

What do you think it stands for?
Why the Lion?
Why the Hand?
Why the Clovers?

What do you think in general of this idea for the movie?

Here are some more great pics of the Cullen Crest

tattoo anyone ;)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Question of the (Edward Cullen's Birth)Day

What is it about our favorite vampire that makes us love him so?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Question of the Day

If you could ask a question to Stephenie Meyer and were GUARANTEED that she would answer truthfully, immediately and thoroughly, what would you ask?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Question of the Night

What should we do for my [golden] birthday?


"the website dedicated to vampire fiction"

This site is awesome! It features tons of reviews that you can sort by author, title and genre, as well as author interviews and other fun stuff. Plus, its pretty, and fairly easy to navigate. I already found a trashy vamp romance series I might check out today (bonus--romance paperbacks sell for like $5 a piece!). Anyway, I recommend the site for those of you who might be looking for some recommendations.

Question(s) of the Day

Today, I have two questions relating to Bella (I just thought they kind of went together). Feel free to answer one or both!

1. Bella is unable to see why boys like her so much in Forks. Why is this? How does she handle it (well/not well/why)?

2. Do you view Bella as a strong woman or a weak woman? Explain how you think she is strong or weak.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Saga Sweets

So for those who know and those who don't- I am the coven gal who is always on the look out for Twilight related items and fun little odd things that I can relate to the books. So this past weekend while at my parents house I was rummaging around trying to find a snack when I opened the drawer and found these!
I actually scolded my mom for not showing these to me sooner- Not that she would know she had a reason too! (that is when my family started to count how many times I would reference Twilight that day...)

Ode to Twilight Guy

First, let me express my undying affection for Twilight Guy, Kaleb Nation. Ever since I put his site on my Google updates, I haven't stopped laughing. He is witty, perceptive, and, perhaps best of all, makes the awesomest Photoshopped images there are. (Aside from yours, of course, Kari.)

The story he posted today made me gasp and laugh at the same time. It's a must read.

Twilight Guy

Thanks, Kaleb. SVC hearts you.

Kristen Stewart singing...

If you're interested (like I was!) in hearing Kristen Stewart sing in Into the Wild, here's the YouTube clip. The singing part doesn't come until about 2:20 into the clip.


For saying she's not a singer, she can carry a tune.

From what I've seen of her as Bella, this is very different. She seems to be a great actress. I've been hesitant to see Into the Wild, since I've read the book, but now I'm going to have to rent it. :-)

Twilight Tuesday

The video is so cool today! If you watch through four clips, you'll see an uncut clip from the film. It's the field trip scene. Squealing may occur.

Click here.

There is also an article about the Cullen Crest.

Question of the Day

The Coven leaders have all read the series, "The Mortal Instruments" by Cassandra Clare. They are highly recommended. Even if you haven't read them, I think you might be able to answer this question. Shadowhunters cover their bodies in marks that look like tattoos, called runes. They all mean different things, like protection, healing, super awesome fighting (geez, I'm not sure what they mean) but the Shadowhunters can use the runes when they are needed, and then they leave their bodies. So... what runes do you want/need?

Also, if anyone has more rune info, please add it... I'm gonna be late for work so I cant search more ;)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Question of the Day

Now that you're a vampire, what's your special power?

(Ok, I know we've discussed in person, but never as a QOD!)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh, wait. This is Exactly what it looks like.

So I wore my Shiny Vampire Club t-shirt to the grocer today. It was its first time out of the house, and I felt a bit self conscious... thinking that, like, a girl with nearly black razored hair, lots of purple eyeliner and obvious tattoos wearing a vampire shirt would look, well, like a vampire groupie. the kind of girl that talks and thinks and reads about vampires obsessively, sometimes pretending her merlot is (gasp!) blood, and has licked a wound to remember if blood is tasty (its not.)... The kind of girl who would love to be "turned" by the right guy.... The kind of girl who is a "coven leader" in a vampire club... Then I was like, "Oh wait. This is exactly what it looks like.

There were some looks at the shirt, but that might have been more due to my lack of bra than the shirt's content. (what do you expect? Its a saturday...)


Question of the day (weekend edition)

First of all, I just wanted to give a shout out to all the new readers and posters on this blog. We love it and encourage you to post more comments! We love hearing what you have to say, and the new insight you bring into the discussions.

This is actually many questions:

How has the Twilight Series changed your life? What makes them so good that millions of people (strangers and friends) unite over them? Why do they make you feel the way you do while you are reading them?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Engagement Party

The Lexicon has a formal invitation to Edward and Bella's engagement party. They ask that gifts for the couple are presented in avatars and banners.

Just wondering when SVC is going to celebrate the impending nuptials. ;-)

Question of the Day

Edward tells Bella that their feeding preferences are perhaps indicative; Edward is like mountain lions, Emmett is like grizzlies, etc. What animal do you think Bella will enjoy hunting/is the most like? What about Esme?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cullen Therapy?

I got to talk to a client about the Twilight saga today. She is 15 and has been reading the books. The conversation didn't coincide with her treatment plan, but it was fun none the less.

Question of the Day

Most of us know now how Breaking Dawn begins. I am sure we've all been thinking about how Stephanie is going to wrap up this saga. I am known as a last page reader, though I have resisted the urge to flip to the back of each Twilight book as I've read them! Because of this I am wondering:

What do you think the last line or last word will be of Breaking Dawn and who is going to say it? Or think it?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Sacrifices Chapter

Have you read it yet? Ahh! What do you think Edward has done?

For those of you who haven't read the fanfic Sacrifices, click here to read it.

If we only lived on the West Coast!

I just read this article about the Forks Tours. They sound hilarious, fun, and Corny- Just my style! Take a look:

Click here to read it.

Question of the Day

So... Assuming all your dreams come true and Edward turns you into a vampire... Where do you go? How will you spend your eternity? Can you picture yourself living forever/being happy with Edward forever, etc. Lets hear the fantasies I know you all have!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stephenie Meyer talks about Breaking Dawn

Nothing spoilerish, but she does talk about the ending... kinda.

View the video on TwilightMoms.

Breaking Dawn Book Tour/Concert

Well, I have to say I am not all that excited about the big hype for the Breaking Dawn Tour... probably cause I don't know the guy.

'Twilight' Tuesday Exclusive: Stephenie Meyer Announces 'Breaking Dawn' Tour Dates With Blue October's Justin Furstenfeld

Edit: ok, now I've read a bit more, and it is a really cool concept for a book signing- way to think out of the box SM!

Question of the Day

We all know that the Twilight Series will end with Breaking Dawn. (pause for a crying jag)
However, I believe Stephenie has said that the possibility of books about the other characters in Twilight could be a reality. So, I couldn't help but wonder:

What character(s) would you most like to see a book written about and why?

For Jeremy

Thanks for being the only man posting comments. We hope you aren't the last :)

Monday, June 9, 2008


I might have to rent Into the Wild. I was reading the TMF Top Actresses post the Lex made earlier today, and was intrigued by the quote under Kristen Stewart's picture about her singing "Blackbird." Evidently she sings it in that movie.

Here's a more detailed link.

Somehow the idea of her singing makes me like her more. I'd like to think she is like one of those great actors who is awkward as "herself" in front of the camera simply because she plays such a stellar character. Kind of like Val Kilmer? He's usually weird as hell in his interviews.

Anyway, I'm trying to like her more...regardless, I think she'll play a great Bella.

I was soooo wrong.

I've been avoiding this book: Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr because it is about Fairies. I'm on page 18 and it seems like it will be sooo good and I will probably make you all read it.

"Melissa Marr adds elegantly to the sub-genre of Urban Faery with this enticing, well-researched fantasy for teens. Wicked Lovely takes place in modern-day Huntsdale, a small city south of Pittsburgh whose name evokes the Wild Hunt of mythology. High school junior Aislinn and her grandmother have followed strict rules all their lives to hide their ability to see faeries because faeries don't like it when mortals can see them, and faeries can be very cruel. Only the strongest faeries can withstand iron, however, so Aislinn prefers the city with its steel girders and bridges. She takes refuge with Seth, her would-be lover, who lives in a set of old train carriages.

But now Aislinn is being stalked by two of the faeries who are able to take on human form and are not deterred by steel. What do they want from her?

One is Keenan, the Summer King, who has been looking for his Queen for nine centuries, bound by the rules and rituals that govern his quest. The other is Donia, a victim of those rules, consigned to the role of Winter Girl when she failed Keenan's test, yet still in love with him. Certain that Aislinn is the woman he must marry, Keenan shows up as a charismatic new student at her high school, unaware that she sees his true form. He's determined to court her and is puzzled by her rebuffs. Suddenly, none of the rules that have kept Aislinn safe is working anymore, but things aren't going as Keenan expects either. Both will have to change, make startling compromises and enlist surprising allies if they want to break free from the wicked game that has ensnared them."

Twilight Tuesday

According to a HUGE announcement will be made about the Breaking Dawn tour.
Be sure to check out to find out the news.

Shiny Vampire Club on Facebook

Come Join Us!

I am not exactly sure how it will work, but I thought that we could use it to make some friends and drive people over here, maybe befriend other twilight groups and stuff. ??? Don't know what to do with the site. Let me know if its a keeper.

Question of the Day

Now that the we have the first chapter of Breaking Dawn, what are your theories about what else will happen in the book? Did it change anyone's thoughts about the book or what might happen?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Question of the Day (weekend)

So, I am nearing the end of New Moon (again) and I just read the part where Edward, Alice, and Bella go down into the Volturi Lair. Stephanie is quite descriptive with her description of the "office" like feel of the under ground fortress. I started to think about the lair that Spike had on Buffy- his was one of the stainless steel variety. My question is this:

What would your lair look like? Where would it be?
( you could have a house like the Cullens, but a lair is a bit cooler sounding, and I think that the Cullens hit the Jackpot on an awesome house description- so let's focus on lairs)

Friday, June 6, 2008


What do you call a baby werewolf?

Question of the Day

Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series presupposes that there is a world filled with supernatural beings--namely vampires and werewolves. Do you think that this world might also have other supernatural entities (or should have them) but that we just don't know about them yet or they exist outside of Forks? For example, there could be fairies, elves, ogres, ghosts, zombies, witches, wizards, etc. If you do think that they are (or should be) a part of the story, do you think any of the characters in the story are one of these mystical creatures in disguise?

"Um... Alison," you say. "This question makes no sense. Can I read an example of an answer?"


(This isn't my real answer, its an example). I loooooves me some sci-fi, and think that there should be tooons of crazy creatures in SM's world. I have always heard Fairies are nasty little creatures that love to cause mischief, hence, I think Lauren is a fairy in disguise.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Did you hear them?

Tonight we had a quick, but LOUD storm go through the Twin Cities. The Girls I live with (who have special needs) where a bit scared, especially Jenny. After one particular loud and boisterous thunder clap she was shaking and covering her ears about to cry. So what do I say to her?

I say: "Don't worry girls it's just vampires playing baseball!"
jenny: (looks at me horrified)
ellen says: "Now why did you say something like that?"

The Twilight Lexicon Presents: Kristen Stewart

I enjoyed hearing Kristen chat about the movie, but I *adore* the little montages the Lex throws into their videos. They always make me laugh.

The Albino Vampire Cocktail

For Saturday?

1 jigger of white Crème de Cocoa
1 jigger of vanilla Stolichnaya
1 jigger of Lady Godiva white chocolate liqueur
Chambord raspberry liqueur


Question of the Day

Which of the antagonist(s) in the series frightens you the most?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Musical, Volvos and Decals, Oh My!

  • I have been thinking a lot about our Twilight musical. We seriously have some ladies who can sing. Maybe we should do one montage of songs for YouTube? Soon?

  • Yesterday I was stuck in traffic behind a silver Volvo and a YELLOW CONVERTIBLE! I told Finn, he was just as excited as I was. He can point out Volvos now. Isn't that the point of having children?

  • This weekend I am going to put together a design for our car decals. Is that cool with your cousin, Ryah?

  • I've lost my werewolf charm from my Bella bracelet twice. I'm obviously not being a big enough Jacob fan. Sorry buddy.

Question of the Day

If you had the opportunity to meet Jasper (the vampire, not Corinne's scooter) and could only say one word to him, what would it be?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

For Jill!

You are are newest, frequent poster. So glad you have read and loved the books. Many of your comments have made me laugh out loud. We are glad you are here. Keep up the good work!

I Run With Vampires

Check out this awesome bracelet from MoreEverything's Etsy shop

Sweetness, Eh? You can also get it to say "I run with Werewolves"

... I wonder if I could get "Jace Face" on it???

Check out the bracelet here

Randomly Browsing fanfiction...

I was poking my head around the various communities on and I came across a community for The Host, by Stephenie Meyer (read about the book here). I haven't checked any of the fanfics out yet, but wanted to pass it along. Find the community for The Host here.

I may have accidently gotten a "soul name"

This past weekend when Ellen and I were hanging at the pool (ellen is one of the downs-syndrome gals I live with) I was lazily floating in the pool when the dog came over and started to lick my face. ellen thought this was hilarious, and started to call me "dog lick face girl" this wouldn't normally be anything, but I immediately thought of how this sounded like a soul name and, she hasn't stopped calling me that for three days now.

A pic of me and ellen

Question of the Day

Yay, it's my turn to ask a question and I have one!

What is your fave quote or bit of dialogue from the books??
( i want to challenge you all not to say the meadow scene, the hitch me baby scene, or the bella jacob kissing scene- we know those are all faves)

I am asking this because I have finally found the courage to read New Moon again. This is the second time for me. I have started it a few times, but can never get past the goodbye- and then I flip to when Edward returns. So, I have been reading it and I got to the part where Bella and Jacob are comparing their ages in dog years, dog years! I thought this was really funny, now knowing what is to come. I have to admit-I laughed at a part in New Moon- I think you'd all call this progress.

I WISH I dreamt the future...

I was going to post this yesterday, but forgot. On Sunday night, I had a dream that R. Patt did an interview in Entertainment Weekly. In this interview he mentioned that he loved reading The Shiny Vampire Club blog!!! What!?!?!

So, when the new EW came to work on Monday, I grabbed and scanned through. No interview, no mention of the SVC, no nothing :(


Monday, June 2, 2008

Question of the Day

If you were an editor of SM's Twilight series, is there anything you would cut or ask her to add?

For my own answer:
Wow, Corinne, what a hard question... The books are so perfect as they are. I don't know that there are particular parts I would cut, but I know I started to tire of the same fights between Bella and Edward, Bella and Jacob about what was good for her/who she could or could not love or be friends with.

If I were to add anything, Bella and Jacob would have kissed some more when she goes to see him after he got hurt in Eclipse. Not on the cheeks/face that they did. Real kissing. An awesome "I love you. Goodbye." kiss. Oh, my poor Jacob.

SVC Fanfic?

We were talking on Saturday about the potential for a new fanfic that WE could which Jacob Black imprints.

(cue dramatic music...)

On Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Thoughts? Outlines? Inspiration?

SM's older Jacob, and Buffy...hmm...

For Heatheryruth

Just wanted to say "Thank you" for reading and posting on this site. I love that it's not just the six contributers who are contributing (if that makes any sense?)

You ROCK!!!!

I'm officially Bella

I tried to make this post last night, but it got f*ed up, so I quit.

I thought Jasper deserved to be here on the SVC blog. And to let you know that I have really channeled Bella--even the parts I did not want to. Mainly her propensity for crashes. I've had two already. (One minor parking slip up and one on a real motorcycle while taking my classes) Of course nether were as bad as Bella's--I didn't need any stitches. But I was kind of disappointed in myself. I thought you'd have to be a moron to be so reckless and crash a bike (and of course, I don't consider myself a moron). But, alas, I did. However I will say, that I am now officially trained (even took a class) and feel totally competent on Jasper. That is more than Bella can say.

I sadly, though, have yet to Edward's voice. But I think that is because Jasper is keeping me calm, confident and happy. I love riding the bike.

So here are some of the awesome pictures. Beware that some of them are of the wounds.

Me and Jasper

Results of the motorcycle crash

Results of the parking incident (that bruise is on my leg, behind my knee.)

Question of the Day

Which book of the Twilight Series is your favorite? Why?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

MTV Pre-show Movie Clip and Red Carpet Interview

Did you see it?!?


Also, and I'm not sure it's linked above, but did you see the red carpet interview? I think Rob Pattinson is adorable, but Kristen Stewart always comes off as aloof and least to me.

New Series to Check Out

Today, I read "Marked" A House of Night Novel by PC Cast and Kristen Cast. It was pretty funny, interesting and an easy read. I am starting on the sequel tonight. The basic premise is that VampYres are not created by being sucked on or whatever, but that they are "marked." Then they have to go to Night School for four y ears to learn about being a vampire and whatnot. Kind of like Harry Potter, Zoey has just been marked and has crazy amounts of abilities. Its pretty funny with its YA oriented commentary and references to, like, emos and pam anderson's boobs. The downside is that it is a lot more specifically "pagan" oriented (for lack of a better word)--a lot of calling of the elements and doing like earthy summonses types of things, which might make people uncomfortable (I'm just guessing.) But if you get a chance, check it out.

Also was reading (am reading, I guess) these Vampire fluff romance/mystery novels... you know, almost like those super cheap paperbacks (wait, almost? no really like that) if you are interested, lemme know.

For Jes

Or if Jes doesn't like it, someone else can have it and I'll make her a new one. :)

Mercedes Guardian

Can anyone find a picture of one? I just spent a half hour googling different combinations of "Mercedes" and "Guardian" (okay, there are only two combinations), and even poking around the site map at the Mercedes website, and came up with nothin'.

Maybe we will have to wait for SM to post it on her site? Or maybe I'm just not good at finding things?

(this picture was added after post was published, Erin is not crazy :)

** We do know that the Mercedes Gaurdian does not technically exist from the book- SM took this car shown and added her own bells and whistles to it in the book making it her own-- this gives us a very good idea how it looks though**

SVC Hanging Out at Dunn Brothers

If you want to come hang out with us (ok, there's only two of us -- Ryah and I), we're up at Dunn Brothers in Maple Grove. I have my laptop and will make you a banner ON THE SPOT if you come visit. And ....GO!