Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Seelie Court: Jace’s Point of View

Remember that hot little scene in City of Ashes where the Seelie Queen tells Clary the kiss she most desires will set her free? Cassandra Clare has written that scene from Jace's perspective. Oh glorious reading below:

“I know that I will not leave my sister here in your Court,” said Jace, “and since there is nothing to be learned from either her or myself, perhaps you could do us the favor of releasing her?”
The Queen smiled. It was a beautiful, terrible smile. The Queen was a lovely woman; she had that inhuman loveliness that faeries did, that was more like the loveliness of hard crystal than the beauty of a human. The Queen did not look any particular age: she could have been sixteen or forty-five. Jace supposed there were those who would have found her attractive — people had died for love of the Queen — but she gave him a cold feeling in his chest, as if he’d swallowed ice water too fast. “What if I told you she could be freed by a kiss?”

It was Clary who replied, bewildered: “You want Jace to kiss you?”

As the Queen and Court laughed, the icy feeling in Jace’s chest intensified. Clary didn’t understand faeries, he thought. He’d tried to explain, but there was no explaining, not really. Whatever the Queen wanted from them, it wasn’t a kiss from him; she could have demanded that without all this show and nonsense. What she wanted was to see them pinned and struggling like butterflies. It was something immortality did to you, he’d often thought: dulled your senses, your emotions; the sharp, uncontrollable, pitiable responses of human beings were to faeries like fresh blood to a vampire. Something living. Something they didn’t have themselves.

“Despite his charms,” the Queen said, flicking a glance toward Jace — her eyes were green, like Clary’s, but not like Clary’s at all — “that kiss will not free the girl.”

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Erin said...

omg, dieeeeeeeeeee. love love love love love

Kari said...

I know! Almost better than the Clary version. No...better. It's better.

Erin said...

Totally better! Gah, Jace is so hot. So hot!

Corinne said...

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!! This was sooooo good. Totally love Jace!

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I want mooooooore!!! MORE I SAY!!

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LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!! Can't believe it is out TMRW!!!

heatheryruth said...

WOW! That was intense! Thanks for the heads up! :)