Saturday, April 2, 2011

And The Next Black Dagger Brotherhood Book Is About...


Yay! Not sure when it comes out though.

8 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Erin said...

this makes me SOOSSOSOSOSOSOSO excited! I bought the latest one at Target yesterday and will be cheating on Harry Potter to read it.

Jes said...

I have LOVED reading Lover Unleashed-- probably cause I love V, and it is pretty much an extention of his story if you aske me-- I really didn't think Thor would get a book-- I kinda thought he was gonna hook up with Xhex's mom...?

Kari said...

Yeah, this Tohr announcement has left me wondering what the heck is going to happen! Is he going to get some closure with Wellsie? And how will this affect John Matthew?

I loved Lover Unleashed. Manny can perform surgery on me anytime. Any. Time.

heatheryruth said...

Man I'm bummed that I haven't read the new book yet! However I'm glad they are giving Tohr more of a story! His so far has been so heart breaking!!

Anonymous said...

I'm super disappointed!! I want some Quay closer already!! WTF!!!

Bettys Black Dagger Brotherhood site said...

I just love the Black Dagger Brotherhood, I can't wait for Tohr's book. He has been through so much I really hope he loves again. BTW Zsadist is my favorite Brother

Anonymous said...

I thought at one time she had mentioned doing a shorter story about Quay and not a whole novel (or maybe working their story in along the way). I thought I read that some where along the line. To make sure that all the readers were comfortable with that story line...I am Quay all the way!! I would be more than happy with a whole book about them, but I see her point.


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