Saturday, August 22, 2009

Five Twilight Movies?

Boo Boo Stewart, who plays Seth Clearwater in Eclipse, claims there will be FIVE Twilight movies: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and ...another one. 0.0

What do you think -- will it be another story or will they break BD into two movies? What would you prefer?

What the clip of Boo Boo's interview here

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alison said...

I honestly don't care. I would prefer just a trilogy, and I don't know how much I want to watch FIVE movies with KS... blech. I guess I would prefer the fifth movie to be a totally new story. That would be nice.

Erin said...

Hmmmm...WOW! Cute kid. I think it would be super interesting to have a new story after BD. But logically, I'm pretty sure it'll just be BD split in half. That's what SM recommended, after all. She said that in one of her interviews.

I'm laughing at myself b/c I have Twilight Lexicon on my iGoogle page, and when I was reading their new post titles, I thought Boo Boo Stewart was just their nickname for Kristen. lol

Unknown said...

I think everyone would prefer a new story! but I think it is doubtful that would happen because it just makes more sense for the last book to be two movies. Maybe the last book will be two movies with more new stuff added at the end?? I wouldn't mind that either!

Kaitlyn said...

ugh, not another one!

Technology said...

Great! More twilight movies.

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Hmm.. I agree with Alison, I think it should end as a trilogy. I'm really not a fan of them making BD into a movie.

♦Z~Z♦ said...

Okay, a few things.

Noooooo, the actors/actresses are already getting too old, not another year to add on!

NOOOOOOOOO, they aren't making another book-turned-movie's until after the entire "Twilight" saga is done! No!!!!

NOOO!!!!! Another reason for my mom to use me as an excuse to go a movie!

um.... oh yeah!

Hopefully a new story. Where would they break BD in half? I can think of a few places, but none jump out at me as great places to end a movie. Well, from a fan's point of veiw, anyways. Authors point of veiw some of them are perfect, but I would hate them as a fan.

Ryah said...

I can't even believe they are making BD into a movie...let alone two.

Corinne said...

Even with BD being a big book, there really doesn't seem to be any reason why they would need to make it two. I don't even know what kind of movie BD would even make--in my mind a horrible one.

It's all about money. Twilight producers are obviously trying to milk this for all it's worth. Maybe SM will get her ass in gear to keep this going and finish MS! That would make me the most happy.