Friday, September 4, 2009

Isn't it really just all about Jasper?

First off I have to say- Sorry! I've not been in a very inspired mood lately, and thus there were no SVC blogs this week! I will try to not let that happen again! So- to get me back in the Twilight mentality I thought I'd post this little snippet of an interview with Jackson Rathbone talking about what we should expect to see of Jasper and his story in Eclipse- Cause really, a liitle bit of Jasper in one's day can make a girl feel better and inspired ;)

MTV: Are there training scenes in “Eclipse” along these lines?

Rathbone: It’s interesting; there’s a lot of cool scenes where Jasper trains the Cullen family on how to fight the newborns. He gets to train Emmett — and Emmett is a born fighter — so he’s telling Emmett all these techniques, and Emmett thinks he could just best Jasper [during their sparring]. Jasper ends up getting the best of him, because it’s a war mentality, not just a street brawl. It’s about thinking ahead; it’s a chess game.

MTV: Cool. Will we see the scene where Jasper gets bitten?

Rathbone: Oh yeah, we have to see that. It’s going to be great. I’ve been studying up a lot on the Civil War and that era. It really was a crazy time. It was all-out war on our own turf and between countrymen. That’s terrible. It’s an interesting time to see when Jasper was actually human and what his human form was and, when he gets turned, how intense and how dark he is. Then [we'll see] his realization of what he’s become, him finding Alice and being redeemed by love.

MTV: And is that the first time we’ll see your powers?

Rathbone: Actually, in “New Moon,” we get a little glimpse. Inside the school


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Ginger @ GReads! said...

Inside the school? huh?

They did some really cheesey flashbacks in Twilight when they were telling the story of how the treaty was made between the wolves & the vamps. All I remember is Jasper's god awful hair with some gay-ass outfit on (can I say that word? sorry if not! lol)

Peacey said...

I've always thought that was Rosalie with the wolves, with god awful hair and such. I thought lice and Jasper came along after the treaty ... Then again it's hard to tell. Esme wasn't there either.