Friday, January 16, 2009

Question of the Day

Jes had a really good question about whether Leah Clearwater being cut from New Moon was acceptable or not.

Today's question asks if you think any characters are expendable. Going forward in all of the movies, do you think any of the characters we meet are less necessary than others? What did you think of Lauren being cut from Twilight? Give us your thoughts!

14 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Ginger @ GReads! said...

In Breaking Dawn when all the vampires from across the world gather to be "witnesses" for Renesmee, I thought a few of them were a bit too much. I understood the importance for it, but I felt like every other page SM was introducing us to some other coven from some other part of the world. It seemed a bit much for me to keep up with. I know they weren't there to be transitional characters though.

Anonymous said...

Your starting to sound like Jacob with his one line, something about needing a Glossary to keep all the Vampire's straight.

But your right. I kept track of the important one's and forgot about the others.

I really hated that Lauren was cut from Twilight. She was snotty, bitchy and out-spoken, but because they cut her out, Angela became more out-spoken and she talked way more than she did in the books. In my view by cutting Lauren out, they ruined Angela's character.

I think they've also already cut Jake's sisters out of the picture because Bella used to play with Rachel and Rebecca, not Jake. They have a very minor role but it still annoys me.

I really don't like them cutting anyone out, but they're going to so they don't have to pay all the actors/actresses.

Anonymous said...

I guess, but I really hated that they cut out lauren out too. It would have been better if she was there in the movie.

Anonymous said...

i think she was left out because she had not phased until the cullens came back

heatheryruth said...

Ya know...I think it's ok to cut Leah for NM (just re-read it) She really plays a very little part in it! I was also ok with Lauren being cut! I'd be sad if they TOTALLY exclude either Leah or Seth for EC or BD I think Seth is one of my fave characters besides Edward hehe!

I noticed they lost Ben Cheney (Angela's BF) That was a little upsetting but no biggy! I agree with the statements about all the "other" vamps! It almost got to be too many!

just an FYI they are Having a Twilight Convention in July in Minneapolis ladies! is SVC going to make an appearance! I'm totally in! It's in July the 18th and 19th! Lets make some plans!! hehe!

(also I've been re-reading and I thought of a question for maybe another time...Since we're on characters and what not...who is your FAVE character besides the MAIN ones! A side how Kari LOVES Karen Newton! hehe!) This may have been asked before but I know we have more followers now and it would be fun to hear!! So Coven leaders...take over and maybe repost or whatever hehe!)

Anonymous said...

Seth. No doubt about that. Seth is my absolute fav character. He's nice and doesn't really care that Edwards a vampire, they became friends, did they not?

I've just made a decision. I'm not going to be a "Team Edward" person any more. I'm going to be a "Team Seth" member.

Anyone who wants to join is welcome to.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry if this is completely off topic, but just watch the vidoe link in my name.

Please just watch it.

Anonymous said...

omG Z~Z!!! that was, beautiful. i cried! At first I didn't get it and I was like WHAT!!??? But I got it! :)

Z~Z, are u going to school 2 day?

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Just heard the Twilight dvd will be released on Saturday, March 21st! They are releasing it on a saturday so that the "kids" can wait in line at midnight to buy it! and not have to miss school the next day, haha.

Does this make you feel old?!
I'm just going to pre order from Amazon. I don't even want to mess with those crowds.

Anonymous said...

Umm... what if no one shows up? I mean, love the books bit the movie sucked. To put it bluntly. I know I'm not going to wait in line to buy a movie, but then again I'm not the craziest fan in the world.

For example: going around claiming Edward/Jasper will come and marry me & turn me into a vampire. For example. (grimm'll understand that one...)

Has anyone else watched the video I linked my name to?

Ginger @ GReads! said...

No one show up?! thats very unlikely.

I did not care for the movie either. But I have seen SO many die hards for anything Twilight, they'll stand in line over night for their copy of the movie!

And no I have not checked out the video.. how does that work?

Anonymous said...

You go to my name, the blue one, and click on it. It works like the profile things work, exxcept instead of taking you to my profile, it takes you to a video on You-Tube.

And you're probably right. There will be people, just not me. ;-p

mo said...

yay! someone finally made a team seth!

i'm all for it. go team seth! :)

Corinne said...

Checked out your vid, Z-Z. Pretty cool.