Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Return of "Rob Pic of the Day"

Rob looked very dashing at the Oscars this evening! I held my breath for him as he presented, abit worried that he'd mess up for some reason- however he did wonderful! I think he even looked very Edwardish tonight, I think he was channeling him abit.

p.s. I think it's really interesting that they sat Rob right behind Mickey Rourke- it's a maximun exposure seat- plus it was like Edward was at the Oscars.

13 enjoyed the bouquet.:

debra-- said...

i love rob pic of the day :)

he looks very edwardish i must agree
very handsome

apparentlyjessy said...

He looks so handsome and debonair <3 swoon <3

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Sweet Jesus! Rob was looking very HOT at the Oscars :) and yes I noticed him sitting behind Mickey Rourke too! haha

I loved that he introduced the little "Romance of 2008" montage. And they included Twilight in it!!

Maggie said...

I kept looking at him while he was presenting and kept saying "He's dazzling me! He's dazzling me!" my roommate told me I was lame.

but what a hottie! he looked great - he even washed his hair for the big event!

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Poor Rob.. the media is making fun of him for his appearence last night. They say he was "mumbling"... umm I heard no mumbling.. I heard sweet, sweet whipsers from that oh so sexy mouth! haha

I know.. I have a problem :)

Jes said...

I wan worried about hum mumbling too- but I think he did a really great job at not mumbling as he usually does.

Anonymous said...

Was I the only one who noticed that he was looking at the camera from under his eyebrows??

But yes I did notice that he was sitting behind Mickey. But the last shot of Mickey he was nowhere to be seen. Believe me, I looked.

And Ginger, thay shouldn't have been making fun of him. Lets see them get up on a stage in front of thousands of people knowing that millions more will be watching from home? I would be freaking out.

PS - (I know, I know, completely off topic) Has anyone read "Charlie Wilcox's Great War"? We (Grimm & I) have to read it for school and I don't like it. Of course Grimm has hardly started it yet even though the first 80 pgs have to be read for tomorrow.

pps - the characters I have to type in so my comment will be submited says: noluck and then something else. hehehe funny
_ _

Anonymous said...

ppps - what's up with his eyes? they look like he was crying.

alison said...

I saw him in a pre-show interview and his eyes were like half shut which made him look kind of stupid and he was looking down and mumbling the whole time. I only caught a second or two of him being on stage, but I was like "can't you at least look up, man?" hes just so weird.
But geez, when he was behind mickey... oh the hotness ;) Maybe he should be seen and not heard?

Anonymous said...

no worries Ginger, we ALL feel that way!! ;)

and i am SO proud of him! He looked like he washed!!

Corinne said...

Although Rob looked hot (especially behind Mickey), I am falling more in the category of "seen and not heard" as Alison says. He seems so uncomfortable some times in his own skin when asked to perform on the spot. He's endearing, but a bit on the awkward side (and maybe more than a bit).

heatheryruth said...

I agree Corrine! He just seems SOOO uncomfortable! It's weird! He did look HOT though!

Kaitlyn said...

i usually hate Rob, but i have to admit, he did okay-which is a complement from me!
All in all, i actually agree w/ you all, and since most of you are positive, that's a surprise