Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon!!!

What did you think?

13 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Kari said...

1. It was way better than Twilight.

2. Holy crap, Taylor is HOT. OMG. Poeple clapped and whistled the first time he took his shirt off. I was one of those people.

3. The special effects are much, much better. The sparkling? Still cheesy.

4. I love Jessica!

5. Victoria has amazing hair. I don't want a new Victoria for Eclipse!

6. The meadow is actually the meadow in my mind. Or close.

7. What's up with Jasper? Ugh. It makes me worried for Eclipse.

8. KS was tolerable.

9. I could def feel the pain of the breakup in the movie, but it was lacking the total anguish I felt when he left. Probably you can't recreate that in a movie.

10. I thought it was super creative to show the months go by as the seasons changing in the window. I also liked the emails to Alice -- loved that we could hear what was going on internally.

I'm sure there's more...

heatheryruth said...

Loved it! So much better than Twilight! I ALMOST cried at the end when Wolf/Jake runs away.

Dakota ROCKED!

The Wolf Fight between Jake and Paul ROCKED!

Taylor is SO MUCH HOTTER than Rob, Sorry Rob Lovers! ;)

The entire Italy scene was GREAT!

I too, will miss Rachelle! :(

I didn't mind the sparkles as much!

All in all I thought it was AWESOME!

Jes said...

Waaaaaay better than Twilight.

- i agree, jacob/taylor, is adorable.

- i still miss my edward...I think that rob is a wonderful actor and i believe in his acting, in these movies though ALL of the Cullens are just not cutting it for me. It's so frusterating, cause I know they can all act outside of these films.

- Wolves= awesomeness

- Kristed didn't bother me that much, I even think that she was really pretty in NM.

- Film over all looked so much better quality wise, except for Edward and Jasper :(

- Mike newton looked 40 years old

- Volturi were great, Aro and Jane rocked their parts

- Charlie delivered, would have like a little more Charlie, thought how Harry had his heart-attack was interesting and like that little liberty that the movie took in explaining it

- sigh. i'm so excited for Eclipse now...please, please let the Cullen be tolerable...

Kaitlyn said...

I haven't seen it yet. I'm still agonizing over whether I should see it...

Peacey said...

OMG - KStew may have actually improved! *Gaspeth*
Soooo many inappropriate Taylor related thoughts.
The wolves are epic.
Sooooo many inappropriate Jacob related thoughts.
The sparkling and the Edward hallucinations were still ... eh.
Victoria's hair: YES! She CANNOT be replaced!
Soooo many inappropriate Taylor/Jacob related thoughts.

The Volturi: Fantsatic. Especially Alec. :)

debra-- said...

I would have to say that Kristen Stewart acted way better in this than twilight :) I was really happy with the effects except for when cliff diving it still looked a little fake.

HOLY JACOBNOLY!!! Jacob Black DAYUMM! He was mighty fine and I felt so sorry for him. When he came up to Bella in her room MMM MMMM <<----- YUMMY!
I have seen the movie twice now and the 2nd time I took more of a chance to listen to the songs and what the exact things the characters were saying....

What did Jacob mean when Bella took the bikes to his house and He said "how are you loco" or something...
And what did he say in another language.... Preferably Quileute....

I really enjoyed how funny the movie was...

Emmett and his older woman joke
Eric Crying in Romeo and Juliet
Jessica talking after the movie.
Mike and Jacob wanting to hold hands in the movie with bella
Alice saying I wont hurt her to jacob :)
funny stuff

I cant wait till Eclipse 221 days


Erin said...

FACE PUNCH! hahaha

I laughed a lot during the movie...for good reasons this time. So, so, so much better. I am so Team Jacob for the movies (still Team Edward for the books).

Excited to see it again tomorrow :-)

Peacey said...


God, I want to know whate he said in Quileute ...

Jes said...

I too just saw the movie a 2nd time with Kari, Ginger, and Erin- and I love, love, loved it!

yes- there were points were I laughed, but we were suppose to laugh at the cheeseballness this time!

Face Punch ruled! The convo at the lunch table was hilarious.

debra-- said...

What about the chessy run through the woods?? I thought it was funny.

And also twilight has earnt 76. something million dollars in the first day :)

it was on new moon

Corinne said...

I liked the movie. Now, though it will forever be tied to Jacob's hot body and face making my appendix decide it was time to come out of my body....

But I was pleasantly surprised by the movie since I hated Twilight so much. I thought KS was tolerable with Taylor, but not so much with Rob.

But clearly Jacob stole the movie and my health.

Ginger @ GReads! said...

loco means crazy in Spanish.. so I'm guessing he was calling her crazy?! He was always pretty blunt with her depression over Edward.

My favorite scene was Edward getting out of his car in the beginning at school to meet Bella in the parking lot and wish her a happy birthday. Loved the slow mo! loved the music choice! and LOVED the crooked smile he gave :)

The Face Punch scene made me giggle the most... oh and the random shirtless wolf pack popping up in the background of different scenes! Not supposed to be funny, but it was comical to me.

I still think Jasper's character is a douche.

Yes, Jacob was hotttt.. but he has never and will never do anything for me. I think it's because I got so irritated with his character in the books, and I have a hard time accepting it on screen. Dumb I know!

I'm worried for the Cullens in Eclipse as well... they need a new acting coach for these parts or something because whatever angle they're coming at, is NOT what I in visioned for their characters.

debra-- said...

Shame they didnt have the cullens in it more Like the end of the movie or something??
but yeah my favourite bit is when edward gets out of the car in slow mo :):):):)

MMM MMM yummy