Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,

obsession Pictures, Images and Photos

Ginger xoxo

(Erin's Edit: Post your letters to Santa in the comments, and I'll make sure he gets them. I got the hook up...holla if ya hear me unggghhhh!)

4 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Erin said...

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas I would like SM to finish Midnight Sun. And Taylor Lautner to turn 18. Thanks!

Love ya,

heatheryruth said...

Dear Santa,
Please leave Taylor Lautner and his 1000 abs under the tree for me! Bring Rachelle back as Victoria and A finished copy of Midnight Sun, also if it's not too much trouble an advanced screening with all the cast for me and all SVC'ers to Eclipse!

Thanks So much! You da Man!!


Kari said...

Dear Santa,

This year I would love to watch the Eclipse tent scene on the total edge of my seat. Can you make sure they do a good job with that? Also, make sure Edward "hitches" Bella's leg up.

I am also begging for Midnight Sun. Also book Edward and movie Jacob.


Peacey said...

Dear Santa,

I know Kari, Heather and Erin all asked for Taylor already, but I can ask for him legally. I win.

Luv Peacey.