Tuesday, October 26, 2010

EW launched a Hunger Games website!

YAYAYAY! I am so excited (and slightly terrified) to see Hunger Games made into a movie!

EW.com has launched a page dedicated to The Hunger Games with potential casting options and more! Check it out here.

I don't agree with really any of the suggestions, but who cares? It's awesome to think about! :D

5 enjoyed the bouquet.:

♦Z~Z♦ said...

Some of them seem okay, but some just seem wrong.

Oddly those are the two people I thought of for Haymitch. XD

And I will laugh my butt off if Taylor Lautner plays Thresh (is that who they had him for?). It's just so... different from the role I'm used to seeing him in. Although going for SharkBoy to Jacob was a bit of a jump.

Corinne said...

boo to nicholas cage. Also, I don't really like any of their ideas either, but don't have any other suggestions either. Sometimes I would rather good actors/actresses I don't know so I don't have any feelings whatsoever just so I can enjoy the movie without reservation--just like the book--a new experience.

Ginger @ GReads! said...

I agree with Corinne.. I'd rather see GOOD actors/actresses play these parts, rather than someone who looks more like the character. I think that's what failed the most in Twilight. The acting level just wasn't there & it ruined the movies for me.

I like the picks for Haymitch & Prim. Taylor Lautner can NOT be in this movie. Sorry, but that's just retarded. And Steve Martin as President Snow??!! are you kidding me??!!

nodak1982 said...

Corinne and Ginger I completely agree. Ya know what I can steve Martin as president snow. when I have seen him in a few drama's he does a good job, and now that he is older he has this look to him that could pass as an evil manipulative smile holding much meaning behind it. I can totally see that one!

heatheryruth said...

yeah I like unknowns as well! I actually think their pick of CLAUDIUS would be a better Prez Snow. Steve Martin I just WON'T buy as a bad guy! I think Robin Wright is ok too (although I'd feel bad to read I'd make a great WORN OUT MOTHER if I were her!)

I LOL'ed at Taylor Lautner.