Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So GREAT!! Like, seriously so good!!!!

I know I'm behind with last weeks Vampire Diaries post, and I will post it either tonite or tmrw morning-- BUT THIS IS TOO GOOD NOT TO POST YET!! This may be the best trailer the show has done to date, this one is for the up comming episode-- LOVE the Alraric part, he rocks! (btw, the episode airs Oct 21, this weeks is a rerun)

4 enjoyed the bouquet.:

debra-- said...

ummmm WOAH!
so cannot wait!!!
ill get it the following monday because I live in australia :|


heatheryruth said...

WOO HOOO! That looks like AN AWESOME epi!!!

Tammy said...

WOWZERS!!! I still have to catch up on last weeks but this episodes looks way exciting!

Ginger @ GReads! said...

That is all in one episode? I must have missed something b/c the one they showed after last week's show looked nothing like this. I'm thinking this may be a preview of what's to come in the next few episodes? because it did say "this season" -- keep in mind I just watched this with no sound!

I think Damon has the sexiest eyes ever, just a side note :-)