Monday, April 14, 2008

Is the Mormon upbringing going to rear its ugly head??

Again, I am deeply disturbed about this Midsummer Nights Dream idea.... on top of that I REALLY don't think Jacob is going to be much of a player in the fourth book... I think that is what the Prologue by him was all about, it is time for him to move on and imprint and live a life w/out Bella. I am almost certain Stephanie is going to write a book about where Jacob goes in the end of Eclipse and all his new expiriences and finding his true love when he imprints... could be Jacobs "Twilight Story".

Gosh- If it is midsummery... I guess I wouldn't mind a little Jasper/Bella action or for that matter Emmett/Bella Action... though I doubt it, that would be a bit insestuous. BY THE WAY! Did anyone else think that the Jasper actor in the movie was INCREDIBLY hot in the MTV clip...WOWZA!

(just to let you all know, I am a really horrible speller! sorry!)

9 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Ryah said...

yeah, he is hot. he needs to get better hair however.

i also think the actor playing jacob is the cutest!

Erin said...

From the interviews I've been reading/YouTubing, I think Jacob plays a major role - I think BD is narrated by both Jacob and Bella (hence his section at the end of BD). Not to disappoint...I still think it'll be awesome...

(And SM said she WOULD continue the series after BD and Midnight Sun, but Bella/Edward/Jacob's part is closed. They'll make appearances, but she mentioned wanting to write that vampire Bree's backstory and I am secretly hoping she'll write me some more Emmett. Well, not so secretly now.)

Jacob is SO SO CUTE but I feel like a pedophile looking at the shirtless pic they had of him on the Lexicon. (But I still looked at it. A lot.)

I was questioning the Jasper casting up until I saw that MTV clip... he is so effing hot! Holy crap! But originally I was concerned b/c if you look at the Twilight movie archives on SM's site, she has the hottest model dudes cast as her Jaspers. And Jackson Rathbone was one of her potential Edwards, actually. Weird.

OK. I have to go to dinner now and then will race home to check all of the messages from you wonderful shiny people. :)

Erin said...

And I don't think the Mormon-ish-ness will affect things. SM isn't of the huge-Texan-ranch-of-polygamy type Mormonism, thankfully.

And she WAS quoted as saying she's a sucker for happy endings. Let's hope!

Kari said...

Happy Ending: Yes, I hold on to that everyday -- it will be a happy ending! She promised!

Jacob: The actor playing Jacob is very super totally cute. I feel bad about looking at that very same picture. Naughty.

Midsummer: I should find the quote where she says it plays a minor role. Who knows how minor?

alison said...

I think that even if Jacob weren't a major player in this book, there needs to be follow through... It would be a huge letdown to the story arc for him to just never come back.. .almost like when an actor decides they want to be a movie star and get written out of a show and you are like, wait. what just happened?

Corinne said...

I suppose it's all inference, but it seemed to me that she is going to give Jacob plenty of face time it the fourth book. I have a feeling that the last part of Eclipse was a tell that we are going to be hearing from Jacob in the next book, probably some from her POV.

If she does it right, Jacob will imprint on someone super awesome and there will be more angst and jealousy with Bella and Edward.

Maybe it's because I also watch a lot of soaps, but I love my drama!

Corinne said...

Oh, and the actor that plays Jacob is SOOOOO hot. I too, have felt a bit creepy with myself for thinking so.

Jes said...

But what if the drama is between Edward/Bella/Tanya???? A new triangle....there was just too much of a hint going on in Eclipse, the Alaska Coven has to be introduced soon, right??

Erin said...

I love the drama. It's gotta be angsty.

I do like the idea of Tanya stepping in and creating problems. The only competition for Bella thus far has been Rosalie, who doesn't really count.

Now that I think about it, I seem to remember SM saying the midsummer motif wasn't much, either. It just scares me a little.