Sunday, April 27, 2008

SVC Club meeting minutes:

5:30 - Kari, Corinne, Erin, & Jes
We meet outside of the MOA's Old Navy to pick out t-shirts.
We grab a few shirts of differing colors and styles and head to the changing rooms. We went back and forth trying on the tees; do we get gray or blue??? The attendant gave us odd looks and eventually asked what we were doing... we really didn't know how to answer without sounding crazy...she continued to give us odd looks.
We finally decided on black tees.

6:00 - We wander around MOA, walking a whole lap, we eventually get to Claire's where Kari geniously finds us fab earings to wear with our tees! Penguins! (can't wait to see if anyone at the signing gets our little inside joke)

7:00pm- We meet Ryah @ Chevy's
we order our food... (next time we shoud go somewhere with mushroom ravioli)
Discussion starts:
Did Leah imprint on Jacob?
Does imprinting go both ways?
What will happen in Breaking Dawn? (this brought about heated/passionate debating)
which lead to the Jacob vs Edward debate... of course.

Also talked about:
The Twilight Musical
Twilight art projects
and, the brilliant idea of bringing Steph a gift from the SVC! (we decide on making her a tee)

-------at some time we call Alison--------------
(hopefully you could understand some of what we were shouting to you!)

Future Meetings:

May 6th- the signing

May 24th - Meet at Ryah's @5pm
for drinks, talk, etc....hopefully make it to Karaoke

May 31st- @ erins (time tba)
Dramatic reading of Chapter 1 of Breaking Dawn read by our hostess!
Activity: bookmarks

11 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Erin said...

Minutes!!! I love it!!!

We also discussed whether other members are ever allowed to join. We think there needs to be a steep entry fee, a long (50-ish pages) entry essay, and they need to be "Junior Members" a la Babysitter's Club.

Jes said...

i guess erin and i are co-secretaries ;) But i got the fun notebook!

alison said...

you guys should make steph a patch!!!

Erin said...

I'm sorry I jumped the gun! I should have just waited but was so excited. Your minutes were awesome! I forgot about how weird the changing room lady thought we were...

And we could make Steph a patch!

Jes said...

no, no- you thought of stuff i didn't!

Jes said...

and alison- i seriously will pay you to make me some sort of amazing patch like yours that says "jes and edward 4eva!"

alison said...

I would be totally willing to do so, I would just need an idea of what you want it to say/look like. ;)

Kari said...

Re: Shopping at Old Navy. Corinne told the attendant her name was Bella. I laughed out loud in the changing room.

I love these minutes!

Erin said...

Yesss! That was fantastic. We should have all told her names from the book...

Corinne said...

This is great. I love the good parts of my life being recorded.

Jes said...

Ha! We ALL have to have twilight names now when we do resturant reservations and such- I call Rosalie!