Sunday, April 20, 2008


Thanks Kari for pointing this out to me!!!

I love this clip more than any so far, I think. I love hearing Robert Pattinson's American accent when he says "you better hold on tight, spider monkey..." and seeing them it love it love it.

6 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Kari said...

I know!! This is, by far, the best clip so far. I keep watching it over and over.

I hate monkeys, but hearing Robert say it makes it ...tolerable?

Erin said...

I must have watched it twenty times this afternoon...

The whole "spider monkey" thing is weird, but I love love love his voice. Mmm.

SM posted about the video on her MySpace blog (it might take a while for her new post to show up - I only knew she posted b/c I subscribe to her blog):

And dork that I am, I commented on it and was the fifth one on there (she has hundreds upon hundreds of comments, like, immediately)! :) Think there's a chance she actually read my comment since I was so far up on there?? Maybe? I'm so pathetic. (But now feel like maybe I should have said something more profound or interesting since there's a miniscule chance she might have seen it...)

And she also posted a link to a guy's funny blog about Twilight. :)

Kari said...

I don't have a myspace acct so I can't read her blog! What does it say?

Erin said...

I copied the blog below! :) But if you want to see it in the future, you should be able to just view it via the link once it's posted (her profile is public).

Here it is:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

MTV is my best friend
Current mood: enthralled

because this is probably the best 3 1/2 minutes I've ever spent:

Twilight characters video

Even having my own lame face on there did not ruin it for me. I honestly do not know if I will actually live through seeing this movie. (Good thing Breaking Dawn is pretty much done, eh?)

On an unrelated note, this new site made me laugh buckets:

A note to Caleb, if he ever sees this: You are right; I totally should have given Bella a fire truck.

Jes said...

I love the clip too! Though- I totally cringed when he called her spider-monkey...i hope that was an out-take or goof-up, cause it was simply lame.
But the rest was oh-so-fantabulous!

alison said...

wow, that was amazing!