Monday, June 22, 2009

An Open Letter to Stephenie Meyer

One of the other things the coven leaders and I discussed on Saturday night at my house was how much we want to read Midnight Sun in its entirety. Therefore, I am drafting an open letter to SM. Please feel free to write anything in the comments that you would like to add.


Dear Stephenie (Steph? Ms. Meyer? At one point I was convinced we could be best friends, but I really don't know what to call you),

I love your stories. I read Twilight in 2006 and was instantly smitten. I loved The Host (and hope you will make it a trilogy). I love the idea about a mermaid story. I love that you got to make a music video. I read fanfic at an embarrassing rate, just because it's a way for me to keep up with your characters. Breaking Dawn definitely wasn't my favorite, but it's your story, and Edward is it for me. This is why I wanted to write to you about Midnight Sun.

I understand disappointment. And while it is nowhere near your level, I've been in situations relatively similar to the one you are in regarding Midnight Sun. I took my sister to Europe as a gift for her college graduation in 2005, just to have her seek out Coors Light in pubs and beg to eat McDonalds (I hope you're not reading this, Meg). I somewhat found out my husband was proposing the morning before he actually did because I was reading my family's e-mail (my mom wrote to my grandma and didn't think I would see it - and I hope you're not reading this, Matt). I'm a teacher, and I can't count how many times I've put my heart into a lesson just to have it ruined for me by one student.

Thing is, even though it was ruined for me, I couldn't let that student ruin it for the rest of the kids. It wasn't fair. I had to let it go and make the best of it, because I couldn't bear to let the other students down. Because I'm a good teacher! And it all parallels - you're a good author, and I know (based on interviews you've given and what you've posted on your webpage and MySpace) that you don't want to let your fans down. So even though some random punk (Random Punk...Spunk Ransom...wait a minute...) decided to lift your partial draft of Midnight Sun, pleasepleaseplease don't punish the rest of us. Your posting the partial draft on your site has only fed the frenzy. If anything, you should see just how much your fans want you to write it. We miss Edward! The PDF you posted ranks high above Twilight for me, and that says so much.

I know you're probably tired of the vampire world, and understand that. But dammit (excuse my language!), Jon Bon Jovi gets up there and sings Livin' On A Prayer every night and acts like he loves it, if only for his fans' (high-priced-ticket-paying-fans) sake. I know I am treading on thin ice implying that you have a RESPONSIBILITY to write this, because I'm sure you've banked enough off the series at this point to do anything you damn (sorry!) well please, but I was hoping to revive the effort to persuade you to write Edward's perspective. Because I want to lay him down in a Bed of Roses.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

PS: Did you ever wear that SVC shirt ("Hitch Me Baby One More Time") shirt we made you? :-D

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Ginger @ GReads! said...

OMG... HAHAHAHAHA.. Erin you freaking crack me up!! this is awesome.

You lost me a bit on the Europe trip with the sis, then the proposal.. but I get what you're saying. I agree, SM NEEDS to finish Midnight Sun. F the "spunk-ransom" who leaked it out.. she needs to do her duty to ALL twilight freaks, such as ourselves, and finish the book.

If not for her fans, do it for Edward. Because I know I sure as hell would love to lay him down in a bed of roses... yummy!

Kari said...

I am giving you a standing ovation, Erin. Very well put.

Maggie said...

hahaha loves it!

Corinne said...

Here! Here! Erin. Funny yet to the point. I really would love Midnight sun to come to its full potential and join its place in my bookshelf next to the rest. Midnight Sun was a breath of fresh air. I thought I loved Edward, and then I read MS, and it was better than I ever expected.

Now if I could just get Bon Jovi out of my head.....

Jes said...

Erin! This is the best, couldn't have written it better myself- cheers!

♦Z~Z♦ said...

You should send it if you can ever figure out her address. And then if she replied you could post it here.

It was soso funny, I loved it!

Kaitlyn said...

yes! I want to read the meadow scene from his perspective SOOOO badly!
Whoever did that should have at least waited until it was done!

Peacey said...

Ooh, the meadow scene ... Hadn't even thought about that. Anyways, it's awesome. Fairly random in some parts, but whatever.

alison said...

Nice one erin. I've said it before and I'll say it again... I think SM is a baby. Maybe I have a little heart and kind of feel bad for ridiculing her, even though Breaking Dawn ruined the series for me...

But Midnight Sun was, to me, by far the most interesting, engaging, and well told thing she has written! Characters actually had thoughts and feelings and motivation! (gasp!). I couldn't wait to get through it and I am glad that it was leaked, because I will always know that when I start to hate twilight, if I read Midnight Sun, I will like it again. At least a little.

But back to the being a baby part. yes, her feelings were hurt. But if ANYTHING should have caused ms. meyer to stop writing, it should have been the scathing criticisms of Breaking Dawn, not the all around loved reactions to her leaked Midnight Sun. SM needs to hitch up her big girl panties and get over it.

debra-- said...

Well done Erin :)
This is really good! I hope steph get's it asap because I want to read Midnight Sun so bad

Debussy32 said...

Very convincing and I love how you were very straight forward and didn't bullshit. I think she will appreciate that. I hope she finishes the book. It definitely helped me to understand Edward so much more after reading it.

sabrinajib said...

love your letter, erin!
have u send it yet??
if u have, please send again.. with some additional from me, please please please?

please make her understand that partial draft of midnight sun is only torturing us..
we really want to understand more about edward.

oh btw, can u add this?
my name is sabrina, and im from indonesia. which is a small country in asia, ha ha ha.
but even so, twilight frenzy has touched us and have the same effect to us as the rest of u guys there, and me and friends here are dying to read the rest of midnight sun.

just so stephanie could know, she have very loyal fans here, and even if we are soooo far away, we felt much the same with her fans there, that we want her to continue midnight sun.
i'm sorry if she felt we pushed her, but its just because we love her work soooooo much and we appreciate her feelings soo much.. but we are also restless because its not finish yet..

so erin, can u tell her that? much love from us in indonesia.
and thank you erin for stepping up for us :))
i hope stephenie could understand..

thank you!