Monday, June 1, 2009

Succubus Blues!

So I finally got around to reading this adult fiction book by Richelle Mead, who also authors the YA series Vampire Academy (among other things).

And I liked it! I was a bit worried, as a succubus is apparently a demon who gets men (or women, I suppose) to sell their souls for sex. And I didn't really want to read a book about the million sexploits of Georgina Kincaid (the protagonist). But I had heard so much about it so I decided to give it a try. And it was fun and not really about the stealing of souls for sex, but about how Georgina (the Succubus) is friends with vampires, imps, angels, demons, etc., who are slowly being picked off. You would be excited/surprised to know who/what the culprit is, but I can't spoil that for you! Obviously there are also some love interests and mystery involved. It was very entertaining, and I am going to request the next one from the library. Check out Richelle Mead's page for the series here

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heatheryruth said...

I really enjoyed the Vampire Academy series and I have the next on hold from the Library for when it comes out!

I too hadn't read this series for the same reason Alison! However after reading your review I think I will request it!