Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quote of the Day

I'm really impressed with the look of the New Moon Trailer- I'm a visual gal and I really love that New Moon is going with a more warmer golden tone to set it apart from the cold blue tones of Twilight. Below is an excerpt from an interview with the New Moon Director about the look of the film, more of the interview HERE

Q. You’re a very visual director. What’s your vision for New Moon?

A. We’ve got an amazing visual effects team. The whole idea is to use the full palette of colors, to have our shadows be very dark and to have our colours be very rich so that we can experience the full range of emotional texture. The idea is that this will look like a Victorian narrative painting in a way, with those medieval jewel-like colours as well as very glossy deep blacks, and for the composition of the frames to be classical. In some ways, this is going to be a rather old-fashioned film. There are elements that incorporate the latest technology and there are things that are very dynamic in the action scenes. But it’s more Dr. Zhivago than Iron Man.

8 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Ginger @ GReads! said...

I noticed this right away when I saw the trailer for the first time. So much better! That blue tent washed out all the characters. I mean, I know the vampires were suppose to be pale.. but they looked like dead people! wait.. thats what they are, right?! haha

Peacey said...

Wow... lighting. Yay?

Peacey said...

Just realized - they changed Rob's Edward jacket! Dang it, I loved the one in Twilight. It was so supremely vegetarian vampire (i.e., nobody else would be caught dead in it).

heatheryruth said...

I have to say...I really like the lighting change! I thought the Blue washed out one got VERY annoying as you watch Twilight!

I'm very excited for this movie! Seems like all the changes have been GOOD!

Unknown said...

I'm glad they are changing it - it won't be so depressing. It also won't make me feel cold in the theater....I always get cold when the people in movies are in cold situations (like mountains, oceans, or rain)

♦Z~Z♦ said...

For me this is good in some ways but bad in others.

It's a good thing because it won't be as cold and everyone be quite as pale, but look at the flowers in the background. In the blue tint you can clearly see the brightly colored flowers but in the golden tint they're not as noticable. Of course they might just be trying not to attract attention to smaller details and making you focus on the characters or main events.

Just one more note. Did anyone notice that in the top picture Bella is paler than Carlisle? I found that funny, but that may be my weird sense of humor.

Mariah said...

♦Z~Z♦ Bella is only paler in the top picture because of the lighting... that's what they are trying to show.

I like all the changes for New Moon so far... I could not stand the blue lighting of Twilight and was very pleased with the New Moon trailer!

And Peacey, I agree with you about Edwards coat... I like the old one better, but this new one is starting to grow on me! LOL...if that's the only "negative" thing we can find about the movie so far... I think they are doing good!

Anonymous said...

I know what y'all mean... all good changes.... also, I knew that there was something different about thetwo... just figured it out. lol. love the gold tint
:) <3