Monday, June 8, 2009

While Googling One's Self...

So Erin, Kari and Alison spent some of the day googling the SVC, just to see what would come up and lo and behold, some odd and fun things did!

If you click HERE you can find the SVC as part of a REELZ CHANNEL Twilight Quiz!

If you check out THIS LINK you will find our dear Alison being quoted!

Also THIS RANDOM GUY WE DONT KNOW Twittered us...The Shiny Vampire Club: Quote of the Day from Mike Dexter/Carlisle about 16 hours ago from twitterfeed

3 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Grimm said...

lol! You guys are famous!!!!!!

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Ok that was pretty cool showing up in the quiz :)

Umm does Alison know this chick thats quoting her?! thats kinda creepy if not.

And for the twitter dude.. lurker!!

alison said...

naw, I didn't even know I was quoted! Its funny that they found the quote, though.