Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Discovery at the Bookstore

I've been looking for something new to read for a while now. I went to Border's in search of something good and more, uhm, adult. In the last book I read (The Summoning, really good, btw) the main character gets her period in the beginning which only reminded me that I'm 32 and probably should read something other than YA occasionally.


I headed to the SciFi section. Every book that I had researched online seemed overly geeky and not sexy enough for my taste. The salesperson asked me if I needed some help. I told her I was looking for an adult version of Twilight. She pointed me to the Legend of the Seeker books. Not what I had in mind but how can I tell the Border's 20-year-old salesgirl that I was looking for something sexaaay?

Then I saw the Black Dagger Brotherhood books -- in the ROMANCE SECTION. After I rolled my eyes ten thousand times, I headed over there. After browsing a bit, I started to notice something... on the spine on some of the books it said Paranormal Romance. WHAT! They categorize this stuff? I love books! Err, librarians? Marketing? I love whoever decided to write the category of exactly what I wanted on the spine of books.

I could have spent two hours browsing but apparently Border's doesn't like people to stay past closing time.

6 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Erin said...

I knowwwwwww. I was sad to find BDB in Romance. When it should be catalogued under Totally Awesome.

If I remember right from my library program, most publishers choose their categorization based on who their target market is. In my experience recommending books to both sexes, girls will read "boy" books but boys will not read "girl" books (I'm making sweeping generalizations on many levels here). So while romance readers will happily accept the series, books titled with "Lover" might not fit into the scifi/fantasy shelves? I dunno. But they're awesome.

Jes said...

did you buy anything???

Erin said...

OK, I misread your post - I thought you said "Who categorizes this stuff?" instead of "They categorize this stuff?" I smart.

I agree. Paranormal romance = best ever.

Kari said...

Nono Erin, I had no idea who did it. You cleared it up. And I laughed at the BDB books being under TOTALLY AWESOME.

I did get a book! I'm not telling you what it is unless it's good. ;)

Erin said...

Oh, lady-hellren, how yhou teahse uhs.

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Haha.. I was about to ask what you ended up getting too!

Did I tell y'all my sis gave me a gift card for Amazon for my birthday?? Books! and more books!