Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Question of the Day

With actress Rachelle Lefevre being replaced in her role as Victoria for Eclipse, who else would you recast? Let's put together a whole new lineup for:

James (even though I know he's not in future movies)
Victoria (if you were to replace this Bryce chick)
Volturi characters
Anyone else?

I tend to have a lot of actors in my mind based on SM's archives page for the movie, just because I read it way back when...

9 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Jes said...

For me, the only person that i would still want to recast today is Bella- Alexis Bledell will ALWAYS be my Bella- she would have given us a Bella to be proud of.

alison said...

This is hard. I would have recast Bella for sure! Maybe with that girl who was in the series of unfortunate events movie? I'm not sure.
Alice I dont like but she is doing fine, I would love her more if they cut all her hair off.

I like Emmett, but I am not sold on the rest of the Cullens. Maybe they will redeem themselves in this movie? I mean, I really do like Peter as an actor, but he doesnt scream "Carlisle" to me. And I very much dislike the lady who does Esme. She is not at all what I pictured, but I dont know who I would replace her with. Whoever plays Rosalie was not beautiful enough, IMO. And Jasper Scissorhands, well... he does a crap job but is certainly entertaining!

Kari said...

Good question, Erin!

Alexis Bledell is the perfect Bella to me too.

I would recast Edward. I don't have a good replacement to suggest but RPatt isn't at all what I pictured.

Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett are just okay. I'm willing to give them another shot since they were barely in Twilight.

People that were a perfect cast for me: Jessica, Jacob, Angela, James, Victoria.

alison said...

You know, I think I agree wiht you Kari. I would recast Edward as well. He is not at all what I picture.

Jacob is perfect, though ;)

Mandy said...

Edward should be (and always will be in my mind) Ryan Phillippi. I know he is a little old, but he would be perfect in my eyes. That is who I pictured while reading the books.

alison said...

ooooh, mandy! he would have been awesome like back in his Cruel Intentions days... would have been so hot! But yeah, kind of old now. Wish we had a time machine...

Jes said...

omg- cruel intentions Ryah, loved him! i use to watch that movie over and over and over again.

Ginger @ GReads! said...

I just watched Cruel Intentions the other day! haha and yes Ryan Philippe is on my list as well.. so hot!

and Alison you freaking killed me with the Jasper Scissorhands comment... hahahahaha!

I would recast Bella. I like the Alexis chick, but I don't think I'd like her with RPattz as Edward. Kinda weird.

Peacey said...

I agree that Jacob, Jessica, Victoria and James were cast perfectly, but I'm not so sure about Angela. She's just okayish. And I like Alexis Bledell as Bella ...