Monday, February 8, 2010

Finally- I'm blogging about Vamp Diaries!!

I've just watched the Episode "Children of The Damned" where we learn how the vamps of the olden days got caught and what it was exactly that tore Damon and Stefan apart. Here are my thoughts:

Best Damon Quote of the epi:
"If I see something I haven't seen before, I'll throw a dollar at it."

Hottest Stefan moment:
There were quite a few moments where we got to see our beloved Stefan shirtless, but for some reason I found the moment where he caught the spike shot by Alaric extremely hot.

Biggest surprise of the epi:
I'm sure we were supposed to be surprised about Ana, or the fact that the "Grimawar" had been buried with the boys dad this whole time-- But I find most of the scenes with Alaric surprising, mostly because every time he's in a scene I feel like I am watching a new episode of Buffy and it makes me feel all warm and cozy (i miss that show)... but I wasn't expecting to hear that his wife may actually be a vamp. I have some high hopes for this part of the storyline and think that there could be some interesting developments as we get to know Alaric more... I'm still really curious about his ring (is it just verbane? or something more significant?)

Those are my thought on this epi- I think this will be a formula I use from now on:
1. Best Damon Quote
2. Hottest Stefan Moment
3. Biggest Surprise of the Epi
4. Any other random thoughts
5. Question for everyone

So my Question is this:
What do you all think of the trust issues between Damon and Stefan?? Were you surprised to hear that is was Stefan that first broke the trust between the two bros?

12 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Ginger @ GReads! said...

I wasn't surprised to see that Stefan had first broke the trust. I figured it had to of been something pretty significant and hurtful for Damon to act the way he does now (heartless?).

I like the new format Jes! and I laughed at the Damon quote. I wasn't too surprised about the whole Ana thing either. Something about her bugs me though. Her mouth maybe? something is just weird lol.

I'm curious to know more about Alaric too. But where did you get the idea his wife was a vampire? did I miss something?? I think his ring has some sort of special powers. Perhaps like the compass?

nodak1982 said...

So true, Ginger. I also assumed that Stafan had to have done something horrible for Damon to treat him the way he does.
I also agree that the ring has special powers, it probably has something to do with freeing Kathrine.

alison said...

I like the format Jes!

I was surprised about stephan, and also that they kind of had a menage a trois of sorts. I am also very curious about what ana does to elena. I'm sure they won/t vamp her but i wish they would.

oh, ginger, alaric was a little weird when asked about his wife, she disappeared or whatever

Ginger @ GReads! said...

I'm also wondering how long Elena's brother will go on not knowing anything. Think he could possibly become a vamp at a later date?

alison said...

maybe. I think her sister would find out about it first though. maybe? I dunno. I guess we could cheat and read the book synopses.

debra-- said...

I have finally watched the 11th episode in australia last night.
HOLY SMOKES! it's good.
anyways Im behind you guys...
i just found out that elena is adopted and next weeks episode is some dance.?

Have you guys read the books?
I have and they are great. VERY VERY different once into them.
There is still another coming out soon.

I can't decide which brother is more sexy? haha they are so hot.

If you read the books you will see why they hate eachother.

alison said...

debra--do you mean that they get better the more you read them? Cause I did pick up the first one a few years ago, but I couldn't make it past the first chapter.

heatheryruth said...

I was fairly surprised that was what caused the bad blood between the 2! I figured it would have been something WAY worse. I don't really look at it as him breaking the trust. More like he was trying to make things right for everyone. (That could just be cuz I like him as the "good guy")

I didn't really think there was much to Alaric's ring other than the verbane but now that someone brought it up...I guess there could be! (I just don't buy him as the action star tho, all I can see him is as the douche' BF in Leagally Blonde!)

I thought this weeks epi was WAY better than last weeks! I'm excited to see what happens in the next one! Will the get the tomb open!?

Jes said...

Debra- I had to delete your post! Sorry, but we don't want spoilers, just an on going convo on the show as it progresses. Thanks for understanding :)

Corinne said...

I finally caught myself up on these episodes.

I didn't really see Stefan breaking any trust. I mean both of these guys know what she is doing. Catherine is the one who is stringing these boys along and I think Damon's anger is misplaced. I'd be mad at dear old dad and Catherine for being such a B, but I suppose Stefan is the only one around to be mad at...

And on the subject of Alaric and his ring. I don't have any ideas, but I'm not sure it's verbane. Remember when Damon tried to use compulsion on him and he had to squeeze a handful of it? Maybe I'm remembering wrong. And it's totally possible that his wife is a vampire. Like in soap operas--if there is no body, they ain't dead.

alison said...

I didn't think stephan broke trust either. He was kind of forced into a crappy situation. I'm about to watch last night's epi. yay!

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Ooo last night's episode was SO good! It had me jumping a few times :-)