Friday, February 12, 2010

Vampire Diaries Epi 14: Fool Me Once

This was a big episode! To be totally honest I didn't see the ending coming, and kudos to the writers for that!

Best Damon Line: This episode did lack in witticism from our dear snarky hunk of a vamp, but where Damon lacked in sarcasm he made up for in pure heartbreaking facial expressions. I love this vamp, and I felt his agony in the fact that Katherine was not in the tomb-- didn't see that one coming. I probably should have, but I couldn't imagine the boys not being aware of her or running into her at some point in all these years since the tomb has been closed.
best line of the night from Damon: "Fool me once, shame on you."

Hottest Stefan Moment: Once again I give out a "Most like a Buffy show" award-- when he picked up that fire blaster and aimed it at Sean Ferris (no clue what his character name was--oh, Ben)Holy crap! He was so hot!

Biggest Surprise of the Epi:I think that the whole tomb experience was a bit of a shock-- I've been wondering what would actually happen, what the experience would actually be when the tomb was open. I thought it was true to vampire lore that the trapped vamps were just wasted shells of them self and yet still alive. I think the tomb scenes were done well-- The big shocker of the epi was the fact that: KATHERINE WAS NOT IN THE TOMB! And even more crazy, she has been around, just wanting/caring to see Damon. I am positive that there is more to it than that, but that's what we are to believe at this moment, since that is what Damon is feeling/thinking.

Other Observations: I got a strong Bells/Twilight feeling when Jeremy got up from his bed at the end of the epi and started a google search on vampires. I wanted some crazy Twilighty soundtrack music to be playing in the background.

Discussion Question: I think we are all wondering about Katherine and what the story is with her-- BUT I find myself wondering about Bonnie and how the death of her grandma will affect her after she has died from doing a spell she pretty much begged/pleaded her grandma to do even when she didn't want to/ What are all your thoughts on that? Do you think Bonnie will turn all Bad witch on us, like "Black Evil Willow (buffy reference)?

12 enjoyed the bouquet.:

heatheryruth said...

Ok, I didn't read this cuz I have yet to watch it! It's not on the CW page yet! :( Any idea where I could watch it?


Ginger @ GReads! said...

LOVED this episode, and GREAT post Jes!

Damon's reaction to Katherine not being in the tomb was awesome. I loved seeing this emotional/vulnerable? side to him. So long his character has been built up to be some emotionless vamp, but really there is a soul in there somewhere!! Loved seeing that.

I was TOTALLY freaked out by the vamps in the tomb. I literally jumped when they showed that one vamp's body with red eyes! Seriously freaky. I would have been crapping my pants if I were Elana lol.

I like that we have yet to discover Katherine's where-abouts. It leaves more mysteries to be solved. I think Damon won't find her til awhile though. And I also think it will be someone else who does find her.

As for Bonnie and her grandmother (isn't she the chick from A Different World?! haha) I dunno.. I think they're setting it up for Bonnie to jump off the deep end, but I have a feeling she won't. I think she'll just be reluctant to help out next go around.

and LOL @ Jeremy surfing the net for Vampire stuff and wanting a Twilight song in the background... "there's a possibility..." (just kidding.. he'd need to be sitting in front of a window for months on end for that song to play LOL!)

Oh and did anyone else catch the doppelganger comment from Ana about Elana and Katherine? haha

nodak1982 said...

Ginger, I had the same reaction and literally screamed when I saw the red eyed vampire. I was sure it would attack Elana.

I think it will be Katherine that find Elana, instead of anyone finding her. She seems to know about the brothers where-abouts and activities.

I must have missed the doppelganger comment.

I was so sad when g-ma died. I could see Bonnie turning against the vampires and Elana, but not turning evil.

♦Z~Z♦ said...
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Erin said...

I know I've said this before...but omg, Stefan is SO much more like Edward in my mind than Rob (though he's hot, too). so much more.

I caught the doppelganger :)

Surprisingly, I like Ana. I understand her motivation, anyway. And I think she's interesting...

Maybe this was brought up before, but does anyone else think Damon looks so much like a young Rob Lowe? ...

Ginger @ GReads! said...

hey guys.. for those who have read the books, can we keep the specifics out of these discussions just incase the tv show does follow along with the story lines. Its a bit of a spoiler, thanks!

and yes Erin, I had mentioned that before about Damon being a young Rob Lowe!!

heatheryruth said...

Ok it's still not up on line on the CW network site....GRRR!

heatheryruth said...

FINALLY got to see the Epi! Very good! Can't say as any of it was a huge surprise to me. I was actually NOT expecting Katherine to be in there...I'm sure they'd like to drag out her whereabouts as long as possible!

I have to say, even though I wanted to...I didn't buy Damon's heartbreak. They have spent SO LONG making him sarcastic, heartless and snarky that when it was time for him to NOT be that, I didn't find it believable! :(

As for the discussion question. I hope they don't make her evil (Bonnie) Looks as though we'll have plenty of evil with all the awakened Vamps so I hope they keep Bonnie on the good side.

debra-- said...

sorry for mentioning the book storyline last week :| I am yet to watch this episode as well due to the Australia TV network being like 3 weeks behind. I will get it tomorrow night though.

As far as I know the book and the tv show are far from the same. they are very different. in the book elena doesnt even have a brother so the storyline with her brother is so interesing.

i wont mention the book anymore :)

alison said...

hmmmm.. Looks like this was one of those times when I was watching a show without really watching it.. I missed most of what you are talking about. Maybe I will try to download it so I know whats going on.

One thing I DID actually notice and/or remember was feeling a tinge sad for Damon when Ana told him that Katherine had been gone for so long and that she ran into her somewhere... basically that she was out and about and caring nothing for Damon, although hes been trying to get her back like a sucker.

Corinne said...

I was creeped out by the episode when they were in the crypt. I didn't really have any faith that Katherine would be in there, but I'm a skeptic. I figure things have to be dragged out as long as possible. I did feel bad for Damon a tiny bit.

As far as Bonnie and her grandma. The feeling I got was not about "how she was going to react to this?", but more "how is she going to be a good witch now?" I felt like I do reading Harry Potter. She has underdeveloped skills and I hope she can find the right people to make her a better witch.

I'm interested to see what happens next. And Heather, for future reference, I've been finding these episodes on a site called ( You could try there next time you miss an episode.

Jes said...

Sorry ZZ! We will be deleting any "spoilers" from these posts! Even though we aren't sure if they follow the books or not-- we just think it is safe to discuss where the show is at per episode :)

But loved your questions!! And it is interesting to note that Elena's bro isn't in the books... I think it would be interesting to have some dialogue about how the show is different than the books up to this point.