Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Evolution of our Twilight Characters

Just saw this here and thought it was interesting to see!

Which version of Edward, Bella, and Jacob do you like best?
Twilight? New Moon? or Eclipse?

5 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Kari said...

I am 100% certain I like Bella in Eclipse the best. Now that's some glorious hair.

Edward and Jacob are a tie between NM and Eclipse. I like that the images are warmer in NM. What's up with the super blue overtones?

heatheryruth said...

Bella- Eclipse, Edward-Eclipse, Jacob-New Moon.

However I do agree with Kari, I'm not liking the blue overtone again. I HATED that about the Twilight Movie, I hope that doesn't foreshadow what the film will be Twilight the Warmest thing in the Movie was the lamp in the hospital....

Ginger @ GReads! said...

why is Edward making that face in each poster? He looks constipated or something lol.

Definitely LOVE Bella's glorious hair in Eclipse!! lol

Hopefully Eclipse won't be "blue" like Twilight was. I think they did it that way b/c it was cheaper? I could be wrong though. Might have just been what's her face's bad judgment call on directing.. among many other things she did poorly.

Erin said...

I def like the colors in NM better. I agree w/ Kari - Bella Eclipse - Edward and Jacob either NM or E. They seem like really similar pics.

Why do they look so pissed off for the movie posters? I know they are supposed to be "intense", but if I looked like them I'd be pretty damn happy!

nodak1982 said...

I personally love the warmer tones for all of them best. However, I don't like how Jacob is looking down in NM, and I don't like is hair in Twilight. So Eclipse it is.

However, I think the blue tones and the white tones fit how the cullens should look, and the hollowness, the cold feeling of forks. Its more how I imagined it to be in my head.