Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kstew on Leno

So, I haven't been a Kristen fan... She's awkward, and her awkwardness is one that makes me want to find her and shake her and yell at her to "JUST RELAX!!!"-- But, I found myself watching this segment of her on Leno, and I'm kinda changing my mind about her, mostly because she is sooooo aware of how awkward she is, that she exacerbates her awkwardness even more so... she grew on me a smidge with this intereview...just alittle, it's still hard for me to look at her for too long without wanting to change her outfit or hairstyle.

1 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Corinne said...

I actually caught this on TV and she just is so bad at talking or being a person. Blech. Too bad she has to do promotion.