Thursday, March 11, 2010

Remember Me, the New Yorker’s View

I saw this review posted at the Twilight Lexicon for Remember Me and thought it was worth sharing. It gave a lot more depth to the movie than the trailer, or media interviews failed to do. I had NO idea the movie was set during the September 11th days. Did anyone else?? It sort of puts a new spin on it for me.

There are certain actors that I’ll go and see a movie that they are in because I’m that much of a fan. Remember Me didn’t draw me in on actor love, despite the fact that I’ve been drooling of Pierce Brosnan since I was 14 and saw the Manions of America. I mean I’m fine with Robert Pattinson being Edward Cullen, but I wouldn’t consider myself a Rob fangirl. I haven’t seen Little Ashes or How To Be. I didn’t get the fuss when he was in Harry Potter, and to a large extent I don’t relate to the fuss now. I’m not really a squee and giggle kind of girl, I think I skipped that stage at age 12. I was interested in Remember Me based on the trailer that ran in front of New Moon. Honestly, I wasn’t that interested before I saw that trailer, but the character relationships I saw in the Remember Me trailer got me interested.

To read the rest of this interesting review, click here.
There is also another interesting review here from a Non-New-Yorker's perspective that I found to be interesting as well. I'm glad I read these reviews.. they tell so much more about the story that I was unaware of.

10 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Jes said...

unfortunately Perez hilton spoiled the end of the movie on his website, so I do know the 9/11 Twist, But I am soooooo excited to see this movie. I do think that Rob is a great actor, and other than the Twilight films, has proven that. Can't wait!

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Well poo on spoilers!! lol I have a feeling what happens now that I've read these reviews, but I'll keep my thoughts to myself.

To be honest, I am glad to hear that Rob is getting some attention for his acting capabilities in this film. He will probably always be known for Edward Cullen, and I personally think he does a terrible job as that character. So I'm happy to see him branching out, showing his talents, and being recognized for them!

heatheryruth said...

Ok SO GLAD you guys gave the heads up and so on for when this was set. Have to say I will probably NOT being seeing this now. Although I was looking forward to seeing him act as it seems he does a good job in the trailer!

debra-- said...

I saw the movie today.
By myself because no one I knew wanted to go with me,

The movie is good. I came out feeling different like I should think more about the world.

Robert Pattinson doesnt have that handsome glow about him in the movie because he is suppose to look a bit 'shabby'

I really enjoyed the movie. The characters are all really well acted. I like Tylers roomate.!

Anyhoo as soon as you sit down an start watching you start crying the opening scene is like OH GOD NO!

but yeah..
go and see if you haven't
the ending made me ball my dear eyes out. I'm stll upset now.

Jes said...

Saw it today with Corinne-- and I LOVED it. I liked the characters, thought they were well done also! Though, I totally think Rob's hotness shines thru and thru!! There were so many shots if him just looking so wonderous, i was drooling thru the whole thing!

Corinne said...

This is the best Rob performance I have seen. I actually really liked the film. He was cute, he was endearing, he was hot, he was quirky. It made me think that K-stew is really bringing him down. I'd recommend it for anyone that goes. I think its take on 9-11 time frame is done very well and totally worth going to see!!!

Ginger @ GReads! said...

So happy to hear great reviews on this movie! I've heard both good & bad things about it. I want to go see it soon!! Just didn't make it out to the theater this weekend.

Heather -- from what I've been told, the whole "9/11" thing has been portrayed very respectfully. Hope you rethink wanting to see it!

Jes said...

yes, i would say it is respectful-- a little bit of a SPOILER HERE (not really) you don't see the towers fall, probably because we have it burned into our memories all ready.

debra-- said...

I think that is a great way of putting it Jess

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Just saw it today and LOVED it. However I think it took me some time afterwards to realize just how MUCH I did like it. This movie was powerful. I had no idea it would go that deep. I think RPattz did a phenomenal job in it. Seriously.. his acting blew me away. He needs more roles like this. I can see why he was picked for Edward, because yes he is talented.. however he's not quite the "Edward" I always invisioned.

Going in to the movie I knew 9/11 was going to pop up somewhere, so I kept waiting for it. The end took me by surprise though (I won't spoil it). I was just like, wow! Very powerful.