Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Question of the Day Related to Breaking Dawn News

I mentioned the other day if anyone had heard anything on the latest with Breaking Dawn becoming a movie. Well after browsing Perez Hilton today, I found this.

Here's my question, would you prefer they take on a huge Oscar Director to complete the Twilight saga on film? or does it even matter to you? Also, what are your thoughts on Breaking Dawn becoming a movie? Do you think they'll cut out a lot and make it only 1 movie? or should it follow rumor and be split in to 2 movies?

3 enjoyed the bouquet.:

debra-- said...

I hope they make it two movies because could you imagine how much they will skip out to make it just one.

The oscar director doesnt matter. But does that mean it could get an oscar? It should get something...

But remember how they were talking about making breaking dawn suitable for the audience so no isle esme detailed scenes :(

heatheryruth said...

I agree I hope it's 2. They'd have to cut SOOOO MUCH out if they made it one.

On the other hand...I don't know if there'd be ENOUGH content for 2. I suppose it could work.

As of the director issue, I don't really care...as long as it's better directing that the original Twilight. I don't EVER think any of these movies will win an Oscar, so why waste the $$ to pay a big wig director. Use it to make the effects and so on better instead!

nodak1982 said...

Considering the age of fans, I have a feeling they will be cutting out the honeymoon and therefore, that will greatly shorten the films length. No bruises and feathers strung about the room. They cut so much out of the first two films I do not see them having a problem cutting out much of the second film. I'm sure Leah's role will be ill to none, drop the Charley and what's her name romance developing. It will probably only spend two-three minutes on the entire pregnancy. It will mostly be a few cool vampires showing up and standing in a field with nothing happening because of Bella's amazing gift. Yeah, I"m not looking forward to that movie.