Monday, May 17, 2010

The Vampire Diaries Season Finale chat!

Hopefully we've all been able to watch the season finale by now!!
How awesome was it!!??

Best Damon line: "I'm here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl"

Most shocking/important moments:
1. Anna Died
2. Damon goes to tell Jeremy about Anna, lets his good side show again
2. The Mayor and Tylor are different...may I say probably Werewolves
3. Damon and Elena kissed...wait! Nope, Damon and Katherine did!!!!
4. Jeremy commits suicide to become a vamp
5. Bonnie is kickass
What else shocked you????

Looking ahead to next year-- wht do you think will go down? My hope/prediction for next year is that they keep this "is it elena or is it katherine?" thing going for a bit longer, I think they could have some fun with it.

6 enjoyed the bouquet.:

alison said...

I like that Damon still thinks its Elena (doesn't he?) I like that side of him. And I wonder how he will act about it.

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Yay we can finally discuss this! LOL

I thought this was a GREAT ending to season 1. It left me very intrigued for what the next season will be about.

As for Tyler & his dad.. my first thought was werewolf too. But who knows! Obviously they are something supernatural.

I was SO sad to see Anna die. I'm secretly hoping it didn't really happen & she'll come back. Something about her & Jeremy I was really liking.

And Jeremy.. WOW! something tells me he didn't turn though. I think on the first episode back they'll throw a curve ball at us. (P.S. I think I have a weird crush on Jeremy! lol)

I was a bit annoyed with Bonnie. I mean WTF? Yeah I get that she feels she needs to be true to her ancestors.. but seriously.. I think Damon & Stefan have saved her ass a time or two. Give it a rest.

and OMG at Stefan.. the scene where Elena kept telling me it's him she loves. He looked so sad & worried! I just wanted to grab him & squeeze him!

Now on to the shocker ending.. I knew that wasn't Elena on the porch. When Damon kissed her her body reacted in a different way, and especially when her Aunt opened the door & caught them.. Elena would NOT have acted like it wasn't a big deal. She would have been freaked out! and apologizing! But WOW at the very end.. wonder if they'll keep Katherine as "Elena" for awhile. I sure hope so! Makes things interesting... and I can't wait til Damon realizes that WASN'T Elena he kissed, haha.

Corinne said...

My thoughts are that Damien knows it's Katherine. The look back and the touch on the lips makes me think that he knows it's not Elena. But I DO think he wants it to be Elena.

I was also annoyed by Bonnie. I am not sure how much I believe her angst and hard persona now. But I'll get over that.

I also don't think Jeremy will turn. Now that Anna is no longer alive, I think it will be pointless for him to be a vamp and I think he would make a horrible one. I think they will find him (or pills rarely work for suicide) and he'll be human once more to help his sis through this new Katherine crisis.

I did love that Katherine is back and will be very interested in seeing where that goes!!!!

debra-- said...

And Elena's Aunt invited Katherine INSIDE!!! ARGH!

omg I love Damon. But I love stefan too argh I feel like Bella! hahahaha

It was such a cliffhanger! What happens when she looks in the kitchen? Pretty weird seeing yourself if katherine is there?

Anonymous said...

Okay so for sure Damon loves Elena. Yes, he still has feelings for Katherine, he always will. But WOW. Damon and Elena. Yes, thats how it should be.
Stupid Bonnie. I used to like her.
I always knew there was something about Tyler...
And heres a thought, has anyone else maybe noticed a small spark between Bonnie ans Stefan? Maybe not. It was just a thought.

Anonymous said...

whoa i totally thought the same thing about bonnie and stefan!!! i thought i was the only one!