Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vampire Diaries -- Eps. 19, 20, 21

So I know we're a few episodes behind in here... but I didn't want anyone thinking we forgot! SO much has happened.. and tonight's episode was AWESOME!

I know Jes does an awesome job breaking each episode down and proposing really good questions... but my mind is blank right now. So I thought I'd leave it open to whatever you want to discuss ???

Jes -- if you want to put something together, please feel free to! We can always start a new blog for each episode ;-)

(this pic was taken from tonight's episode -- one of my favorite scenes!!)
FYI: if you have not watched the newest episode & don't want any spoilers... then close this thread NOW! lol

Just to refresh...

Eps. 19: Miss Mystic Falls
At the Founder's Day Gala, Elena and Caroline compete for the title of "Miss Mystic Falls" against other girls from town. Elena is happy to have Bonnie back in town, but Bonnie still has issues to work through. John Gilbert attempts to intimidate Damon, but his plan doesn't have the desired effect. Damon discovers that Stefan is hiding a dangerous secret that could impact everyone in town.

Eps. 20: Blood Brothers
While Stefan struggles to come to terms with his past, both he and Damon reveal parts of their history to Elena, until she finally learns the truth about how they became vampires. Pearl has an ugly confrontation with Johnathan Gilbert. Damon and Alaric try to find a mysterious invention before Johnathan does. The friendship and flirtation between Jeremy and Anna continues to grow.

Eps. 21: Isobel
Isobel returns to town and stuns Alaric with her attitude and her demands that he arrange a meeting with Elena. When mother and daughter finally meet, Isobel refuses to answer most of Elena's questions, but reveals that she will stop at nothing to find the mysterious invention Johnathan Gilbert has been searching for. Isobel's dangerous actions lead Stefan, Damon and Bonnie to step in and help Elena deal with the situation.

6 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Ginger @ GReads! said...

In regards to last night's episode... I LOVED the looks Stefan was giving Damon when Elena was around and Damon was being "Mr. Nice Guy" to her!! Oh that was awesome. But the end sealed the deal.. when Stefan acted all jealous boyfriend & told Damon not to repeat history!! Eeeeek!

As for the evolution of Bonnie's character.. I totally understand why she's acting the way she is. She feels the need to stay true to her ancestors & not help the vampires.. but after last night's episode! WOW! That makes me nervous.

I want to discuss more about last night's episodes and the "surprises".. but I don't want to ruin anything for those who have not watched it yet. I know the majority of y'all in here wait for dvr or catch it online. But then again.. I did warn you about spoilers! Soooo I'll just wait a bit for more people to respond before I do.

J said...

I'm super nervous about what Bonnie "didn't do" and especially knowing who the main targets are for this invention.

Oh the twists and turns of the episode!!

Jill Berry said...

I loved the way Damon stood up to Elena's mom! Awesome!

alison said...

I'm only halfway through but I stopped by to check out the action..
I hate Isobel (obvs.) but I am not sure if its because of her, or because she was on The L word and she was the worst ever on that too. I have also seen her as a villian on something else... Also, does anyone notice how unnatural she looks when she blinks? Drives me crazy!!

And I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on board the Damon/whatsherface train. Damon is the best. I also loved how he stood up to Isobel regarding her not hurting people he cares about.. yum. Hes my fave.

alison said...


heatheryruth said...

I'm so glad Bonnie's back! It adds a new twist to things again! I too am anxious to see what she "didn't do".

Elena's Parantage REALLY took me by surprise, although why it did, I don't know, like Damon said, "it's OBVIOUS!"

Also I was happy that Anna came back, but I'm wondering if she's gonna totally freak out and start lashing at Jeremy. I really hope Jeremy doesn't continue to be a dink to Elena.

I have enjoyed the twists that this season has brought, next weeks finale will be GOOD!