Saturday, December 20, 2008

Question of the Day (Weekend Edition)

I've been giving New Moon - the movie version - some thought, and wonder this:

How are they going to fill the time? There is so much of a time disconnect in the book that comes with Bella's devastation.

Do you think they'll show Edward moping and dealing with his own pain? Will Rob play a big part in the movie? Will they focus more on the wolves, leaving less to be explained in Eclipse (where I think the pack really evolves)? Seeing as though they stepped up the hot factor a bit between Edward and Bella in Twilight (kissing-wise, at least), will they do the same for Bella and Jacob?

This is a series of questions, I know, but it basically boils down to:

What changes to the storyline will they implement to New Moon's movie script (if any)?

9 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Ryah said...

I think they will follow the book, as Twilight did, just shorten the time Edward is gone, and make the Italy/Volturi scene long and more action packed.

I love Jacob, but the fangirls want Edward, Edward, Edward, so they won't keep him out of the movie long.

Anonymous said...

i guess so, but still, i love Jacob, but i don't want the whole movie to be Jacobs garage!!!

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Haha @ not wanting the whole movie Jacob's garage!

I think they'll skim through Edward's absence and focus more on the end of the book. I felt like thats what they did with Twilight. They shortened so much of Bella & Edward falling in love and the beginning of their relationship and put more attention on James & Victoria and that whole mess.

You have to remember it's a movie, so they will need to use whatever parts of the plot that will keep you watching. Rebuilding a couple of dirt bikes isn't exactly the most entertaining thing to watch, haha.

I think they will touch on Bella's depression with Edward being gone, but the end of the book will be the majority of the movie.

Anonymous said...

I think what you people think.

Here's another question that I've been wondering about. How are they going to do Breaking Dawn, and more important, Renesme?

Sorry I've been MIA for a while, and will be for a while longer, I'm in Winnipeg anddon't have much access to a computer.

Ginger @ GReads! said...

I don't think they have plans to make Breaking Dawn (as of yet). Kristen & Rob were only signed on to make Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse.

I wonder if they'll incorporate Breaking Dawn into Eclipse?! or if they are just waiting to see how these do before signing on for the 4th?! no clue.

alison said...

They should probably just end with the wedding,I think.

Jes said...

I agree with ryah pretty much...
I do think they may show Edward in South Amer though... and mabe the phone call between him and Rose?

heatheryruth said...

Yeah I pretty much agree with all of you! They'll focus on key things that involve Edward, like him out in the world being all depressed, the call between him and Rose, then the call between him and Jacob! They'll do some of the "Voice in her Head" stuff and probably use a few Eddie visuals there too! They'll focus some on the relationship between J an B cuz otherwise EC will be a bust since that's More about the love triangle! But the majority of the Movie will be the beginning with the B-Day party disaster and then the end where they are in Italy!

Alison...I think ending with the wedding and Honeymoon would be an ok way to do it! That way we don't get into all the craziness with her pregnancy and birth!

Anonymous said...

Well, i agree with all of you..
I hope they dont leave out the key things that are neeeded..
they need the voice in her head things..
and i think they should show edward a cple times..
Uhm, i think.. (like how they have in the book.. a cple of pages of time passing by when she is depressed) they should show her in her room.. and have a calender on her wall.. and have the calender flip through the months.. while the scene in the window is changing..
in my opionion that would be really cool!
I really hope they do Breakin Dawn.. because that was my favorite out of all the books!