Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Moon Movie Details

Check out EW's site for some news and a potential release date.

What do you think, should they recast Jacob?

18 enjoyed the bouquet.:

alison said...

hes not my favorite, but i think he could be ok. plus, hes the only one kristin seemed to have any chemistry with. Plus, hes a growing adolescent. maybe he'll get bigger on his own.

my concern is that they are having the same person write the screenplay. That was probably a big factor in why twilight the movie was so sucky as well.

what do you think ryah?

Ryah said...

he's not my fave either, but i think recasting him should be their last concern.
they have very little time to come up with a good script, and to actually cast, shoot, and edit the movie.

i'm hoping this franchise will redeem itself with NM because it's my favorite book of the series.

Kari said...

I love Taylor but he seems too young to play J in NM. Maybe I am just making him older in my mind because, well, I'm old.

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Really.. NM was your favorite?! I think it was probably my least. I did not care for the actor who played Jacob in Twilight, however I do agree that him & Kristen had some good chem going on. I'm worried if they throw a new actor in the mix it may shake it up.. and Jacob's character is SO much of NM. I dunno. He wasn't that much taller than Kristen either.. so that will be interesting to see what kinds of special effects they do to pull off his 6'5"?? was it? statue.

debra-- said...

Today I'm Going to see twilight because it came out today in Australaia (thankgod)
I'll get back to you and tell you what I thought of Jacob.
But make up artists can make people younger and they can make people older so jacob could pretty much get older just by some serious make.
I'll let you guys know what I think and about the movie later. I'm going at 3:45pm on the 11 it's 10.32 right now :|

Corinne said...

I actually liked Taylor for Jacob. I think he's pretty boyish in my mind. I think his character is more about a boy who is pushed into "manhood" before most, so it makes sense that he's kinda young-looking and cute--of course they'll have to buff him up.

But I agree with the comments about my biggest worries being about the script. I am excited about a new director, but I think they need to write a better story for the movie. Twilight was not well written at all. I want NM to be better. Like Ryah, it was one of my favorites.

alison said...

I agree with you Corinne.

And Kari, I think you *might* be ageing him a bit. Remember, even though he's a wolf-man, hes still younger than Bella whos like 16 or 17.

Kayla, Nic, Paige, Ellie and Maddy said...

I think that they need to get the same people that worked the special effects for the new movie with Brad Pitt, the one where he ages backwards...that is the kind of stuff they need to make this work. I don't mind Jacob, I will be curious to see how it plays out!

Maggie said...

I think they should keep Jacob. It is a good point that he IS younger than Bella, he just happens to be bigger. He barely had any lines in Twilight so I don't think it can be judged if he could carry a lead role.

I think Bella and Jacob went along better together than Bella and Edward honestly...well it didn't make me cringe when they were on the screen together at least.

and also agreed - new writer please!!

debra-- said...

Hey Guys :)
Well I finally saw Twilight.
I went with my friend Amber and as soon as we saw the summit logo we were hyperventilating. I thought it was brilliant. Kristen Stewart in my opinion played Bella's role very well. Robert was great! And your right they look better in the movie than in pictures. I am disappointed that Bella and Edward didn't say I love you though. But apart from that minor set back it was good. A little cheezy but thats what the book is like. I can't wait until New Moon. And hopefully the director they pick for the next one is better. But I do like Jacob. They can do stuff to make him older. And being a young teenager Taylor Lautner will surely grow.

alison said...

I'm glad you liked it.

And I agree about Taylor. I read somewhere a few weeks back that he's already been bulking up and whatnot. I am sure he will be fine.

Plus, I am sure that non-twilight fans will have no idea hes supposed to be so big and won't notice... its really more of a factor in eclipse, I think, when hes more of a lead wolf kind of guy.

Anonymous said...

they had BETTER NOT replace Taylor.
he IS Jacob!

he & Kristen had such a good thing goig...changing the actor would just make it extremely awkward.

plus, HIS face is on shirts & posters around the world! So, what, they're just going to make NEW shirts with the NEW actor's face on them?!

Anonymous said...

no they should not recast Jacob.

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Is it just me or did Jacob's facial features sort of resemble a werewolf?!

Anonymous said...

yeah, i kinda like Taylor for Jacob

Jes said...

I really don't think they are even considering recasting Jacob- they cast him with the idea of New Moon in mind. If anything they need to recast Sam.

Anonymous said...

dito, Sam was weird...O_o

Anonymous said...

Sam looked like he's 30 or something.