Monday, December 29, 2008

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7 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Erin said...

OOOOOOHH! I wonder what the on-set love triangle is...

Yay drama!

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Yikes. I hope its just the media who is stirring up problems. I've seen the pics of Kristen smoking pot. I know people can do what they want to, but lets not be so public about it! Poor Rob.. I feel so bad for the guy.

Anonymous said...

i have herd about that kristin thing, and the love triangle is between nikki reed, kristin, and robb!!! i read it in a mag!!!

Anonymous said...

*rubbs temples*

please let this be just more bubble-headed-niss of those stupid maginzene writers. PLEASE!!!! I would have had underline and bold on that if I could.

I must say though, the only ones I really give a rats-ass about are "A beloved star could get fired" and "They're changing the book". Otherwise I really don't care.


Am i the only one who gets really annoyed by magizene's? They lie so they can become famouse! Not to mention sticking their noses into people's business. They seem to forget that, even though lots of people know them, they're still human! They still do human things, and have their own personalities! So what, someone might like to party. Ever think that he's a very young adult and people know him, make outragous storys about him and obsess over him (no offence)? Do you think there might just be a little pressure on him?
I saw one magizene, and the front page cover was Demi Lavato. The article was about how she cut herself, and how she was really depressed. This DEMI LAVATO you're talking about people, you know, the one who smiles so much it's creepy? and according to "Camp Rock" reveiws, she can't act, so she's not faking being happy.


so ya. now you see my point of veiw on the matter.

please don't delete my comment. It's mostly about the magizene, only the Demi Lavato part isn't, and I needed another example.

over and out,
_ _
(I think that little guy is going to become my mascot, so get used to him.)

Anonymous said...

ps - grimm, my name is just a link to a song I like, a different one each time (or that's what I'm trying for). You can click on it, it's just from you-tube.

_ _

Anonymous said...

i will try that!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh well!!! i will stick to the usual, with no link! ☺