Monday, April 20, 2009

PC and Kristen Cast on Rachel Ray

If you've been following the House of the Night series, the mother/daughter authors were on Rachel Ray today. check it out HERE
The good news is that the books have become optioned and are going to be movies soon. The bad news is that the authors like Vanessa Hudgeons as Zoey, hopefully the studio will disagree... though I admit she does look the part.

4 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Kari said...

Thanks for posting this, Jes! I can't believe they are going to be movies. Tom Welling would be a good Erik, I think. And I would be the perfect Zoey, obvs.

Corinne said...

I hope the studios have better casting ideas because I don't like any of their female ideas. I would rather create a non-famous Zoey than either Miley or Vanessa. Blech.

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Gross at Vanessa Hudgens. I only read the first book in this series. It was too cheese ball for me to pick up the 2nd one.

alison said...

ha, ginger, I think thats why we like them. They are so ridiculous. Ho-bag!

as for miley --blech. I am pretty certain I will never pay my hard-mooched money to see her in a movie.

Vanessa, I think she has the right look, but definitely not enough spunk for the character. And I don't like her much. And I can't imagine her doing half the things that Zooey does.