Sunday, May 3, 2009

I like Fairies

I know that not all of the coven, nor the readers do. Personally, I do NOT love them as much as urban fantasy books, but I do find the stories interesting. At the library the other day, I picked up two books that I had seen many times at the bookstore that I just didn't want to invest money in (you know how it is... worries about wasting money on a weird or crappy book...) Anyway, I picked up The Chronicles of Faerie: The Hunters Moon, and The Chronicles of Faerie: The Summer King by OR Melling.

Synopsis of The Hunters Moon (From
Idealistic Findabhair and her cautious cousin Gwen have always shared a love of fantasy and hunted for a door into other worlds. The teens plan to spend their summer hitchhiking through Ireland, but when Findabhair is abducted from a barrow by the King of the Faeries himself, Gwen has to become self-reliant and overcome her fears in order to rescue her cousin. When she finds a gateway into the Faeries' world, she is unprepared for the beauty of their land, and for her cousin's decision to stay. Complicating the matter is Gwen's memory of the words from a dream: "I, too, was the Hunted and the Sacrificed." Fearing for her cousin's life, Gwen must take help in whatever form it comes to see Findabhair safely delivered from the Faerie lands. Originally published in Ireland (1992) and Canada (1993) to much acclaim, this novel is a compelling blend of Irish mythology and geography.

Synopsis of The Summer King (from
A story that is lyrical and mesmerizing in subject and scope. In the year since her twin sister's death, practical and pragmatic Laurel has had dreams filled with fairies, giant birds, and questions about a king. While back in Ireland at her grandparents' home for Honor's memorial service, Laurel encounters a messenger from the Fairie realm who tells her that to save Honor, she must find the Summer King to light the Midsummer Fire. Hoping to bring her sister back, Laurel forces herself to share Honor's belief in Fairie and enlists the help of Ian, the village bad boy. Their relationship is complicated by the fact that she was on a date with him the day Honor died by falling off a cliff wall into the ocean. While trying to complete their task in the allotted time, they encounter a cluricaun who may or may not be telling them all he knows, ravens trying to stop them from freeing the Summer King, and unexpected things about Ian's true nature.

My take:
I did like these books. They share a world, and a few characters, but are not a traditional series in the sense that they do not follow characters through all of the books (which is something I really do like...) I preferred The Summer King to The Hunters Moon, mainly, I think because The Hunters Moon felt too crowded. There was just so much going on, and I didn't like the plot as well as The Summer King. I was interested enough to keep going, however, and I also plan to go to the library tomorrow to get another one in this series. One thing I did notice for sure: there were like Irish song lyrics written in the book, and I skipped over them, just as surely as I do in every other book they end up in, be it Harry Potter, LOTR, or whatever. Just a word of warning ;)

Additionally, these books are PG13-ish I would say

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Ginger @ GReads! said...

Just by reading the synopsis I was leaning more towards The Summer King too. Thanks for the suggestion Alison!

I'm not against the fairy folk, but I have read a few books that I didn't care too much for. Generally I like a good romance, and something about a "fairy boy" just doesn't sound that appealing to me! haha

Kari said...

I guess I don't know enough about the whole fairy genre to say whether I like them or not. I would read these for sure!

alison said...

did you guys read the morganville vampires series by rachel caine yet? Just got the 5th one from the library and am super excited to start it!