Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wake By Lisa McMann

I borrowed this book from Kari last night and figured I might as well review it. The story, basically, is about a girl named Janie who get sucked into the dreams of people around her. The arc is about her learning to deal with that, as well as work on the relationships she has in real life.

I stole this review from courtesy of Teens Read Too:
Dreams can usually be categorized as our source of entertainment while we are sleeping. Although we sometimes may not remember them, they often take us on a journey that we may (or may not) want to happen. For Janie Hannagan, though, dreams are her worst nightmares.

Not like any other normal teenage girl, Janie witnesses the dreams that anyone within close proximity is dreaming. Of course, she doesn't really want this to happen, but it has been going on ever since she was eight. Janie is able to see the ordinary dreams, from falling to drowning to going to work without wearing any pants. Along with that, she is able to see people's secrets and what they desire the most.

There is nothing Janie can do about this but to just keep the knowledge to herself. That all changes when Cable, the guy who everyone thought was a pothead and a dealer, enters her life as she enters his dreams. Half the time, the dreams are somewhat sweet and romantic, but then other times she witnesses the nightmares that have been haunting him.

As Janie tries to sort out not only his dreams but her own feelings for Cable, she learns that the only way to survive her reactions towards other people's dreams is to control them -- and to help the people complete the tasks that they so desperately want to accomplish.

So here is what I say about this book: suuuuper easy read. I think it took me an hour and a half or so. And I have to say, the writing style is entirely devoid of any art. Its very straightforward, almost reads like someone was jotting down ideas and didn't feel like filling them back in. example: When she gets home, Janie walks past her mother, who is on the couch watching Guiding Light and drinking from a clear glass bottle. Janie washes her stinging hands carefully, dries them, and sits down next to her mother, hoping she'll notice. Hoping she'll say something. But Janie's mother is asleep now.

Still, the book had a very interesting and compelling storyline, which was why I continued to read it. And the exerpt from the next book in the series, FADE, makes it seem like this series is going to take a more interesting turn. I do recommend this book, although since its such an easy read, maybe you should just get it from the library. Or borrow it from kari ;)

8 enjoyed the bouquet.:

♦Z~Z♦ said...

Okay, this is sorta half related but I just want to say that I got COA today!!! I had to pay for it myself but that doesn't matter.

alison said...

yayayayayay!!! I really hope you love it as much as we do!

Kari said...

Wake was a super easy read. I was shocked when I read it in one evening. That was kinda a bummer.

Did you like the love interest, Alison? I really liked him. I'd put him in the top 5 of the YA books I've read. He just seemed more real to me.

alison said...

Yes, I really liked him as well. he goes in my collection with Seth from Wicked Lovely (I think thats the right book), Stark from the House of Night Series, Jace (obvs.) and Jacob ;)

Kari said...

Yes, he totally reminded me of Seth. A bad boy who's really a nice guy.

♦Z~Z♦ said...

Okay, I finished COA and loved it, but unfortunately am waiting for my parents to reimburse me for my $160 shopping spree yesterday so I can't buy COG yet. Here's what I think:

Jace - OMG sometimes I wish I could kill the guy. SO frustrating!

Clary - She's worse then Bella when it comes to guys, which is saying something!

Alec - O.o some very unexpected turns there.

Isabelle - Nothing new there, she remained pretty consistent with the last book.

Imogen - Gr... I really dislike her.

Maryse - Very different character that I can't make up my mind about.

Simon - Hm. I'm wondering if it would've been better if he HAD died. He's driving me insane.

Valentine - Oddly predictable.

Anyways, about the actual post, I probably won't read WAke because I hate easy reads. I need a book that might take me more then one night.

Kaitlyn said...

speaking of easy reads, don't ever bother to read Birdwing
Idk why I bothered finishing it, don't know why i picked it up
I was waiting for the dumb plot to get better, and waiting, and waiting...and then i was at the last page

Anonymous said...

You want a real review? Wake by Lisa McMann is amazingly better than Twilight, (Although I do love the Twilight series.) Stephenie Meyer seems to try way to hard to be a good writer and soften her words in those books, compared to Wake, which is just great the way it is - straight forward, to the point, and real in a literary sense.
I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something phenomenal. You WILL get sucked into this book though - just warning you.

Also, I believe The Host, by Stephenie Meyer is up there with the Wake series as one of the best pieces of literature I've read. A hundred times better than her other series, Twilight.

PS: His name is Cabel, not Cable. Get your review right.