Friday, April 9, 2010

Vampire Diaries Episode 17, Chat & Question of the Week

Holy Crap! Can we just skip to the last scene of last nights episode?!?
This show is taking an interesting turn with Stefan, and I think I am going to enjoy the ride! I love the idea of Stefan loosing himself to some blood lust, it really was only a matter of time- right?!
So let's get to it!

Hottest Stefan Moment: There really wasn't one in this episode, I mean we got to see him without his shirt on, but he was being tortured-- so I can't take any real pleasure in that. But he stole the show with that look he has on his face at the end of the episode, when Damon walks in on him after he has sucked down a couple pints of blood!! I mean, woah!! Caught me off guard, and I LOVED it!

Best Damon Line: There really were so many in this episode, here is my personal fave:
"But you can't deny, we were badass" (spoken to Alaric)
Really, once again this was Damon's show. I loved how he and Alaric pulled together to form their own little "scoobie team" to fight the badie vamps.

Surprises and such: Well come on!!!! Stefan is now going to be interesting, he's tasted Elena's blood and who knows how or when he will come back from his new approaching dark side??? Can't wait for next week!! The promo is fantastic!

Really, what we learned in this episode was that, yes indeed, DAMON LOVES STEFAN <3
oh, and btw, the storm in this episode was pretty lame-- if you looked at the actual storm itself, it was pretty tame rain fall-- not worthy of the damage it did in certain scenes (i laughed out loud when the branch fell onto Elena's car--cause their was like no wind). Oh yes, and Vicki's body was found, which to be honest I am kind of surprised that they went there with the storyline and didn't keep her disappeared... will finding her body play out more in the coming episodes? or did they just want to close off that thread?

Question: What do you think about this new turn of events for Stefan??

6 enjoyed the bouquet.:

heatheryruth said...

I've been wait for ya to post Jes! You pretty much nailed EVERYTHING I was going to say! I loved that Damon came to the rescue and showed he DOES love Stefan. He had SO MANY LINES that made me laugh out loud but the "badass" one was BY FAR my fave (followed by the FACE PUNCH from Alaric)

I agreed that the Look from Stefan at the end was AMAZING! The next few shows should be interesting.

I'm glad they tied off the Vicki storyline as I said, not too fond of her. However even though she's a bad guy...still kinda felt bad for Anna when she found out she was only wanted so she could turn Jeremy.

The only other thing that made me kinda chuckle was when Pearl was at the grill and talking to the mayor and said "The weather is rather Treacherous." Who talks like that? For a town that has a history with Vamps you'd think that would be an alarm!!! (a stupid thing I know but it made laugh)

All in all an AWESOME epi and Damon is growing on me more and more....

Jes said...

Damon was fab, and I just kept yelling out loud to the TV "you do love him Damon! you do!"

Ginger @ GReads! said...

I lovedLOVEDloved this episode!! It has to be my favorite so far. They really packed a lot in.

I like that Stefan's character will have some conflict now. I was a little worried he'd be too much of a "normal" vampire. It's about time we see him have some struggles!

Damon made me giggle.. and he made me say "wow" a lot. I really liked the scene in Alaric's classroom when him & Elana were trying to convince Alaric to help them save Stefan. Just the way he was talking to Elana and giving her that sincere look explaining how much he understood she needed to save him.. yet he was trying to protect her at the same time. So sweet!

My heart went out to Anna at the end. You can tell there's some major young love brewing there. Maybe more so on her side, but I think Jeremy is just mixed up with the whole Vickie thing.

As for the question... I don't think they'll let Stefan go way off the deep end, but I do think he will be a threat for a little while. I'm kind of wondering if their secret will be more exposed now? because after all Stefan was the main one who kept it hidden, or atleast did the better job of covering up.

Btw.. just typed this response while listening to "All You Wanted" by Sounds Under Radio... it was the last song that was playing during the scene where everyone showed up at Matt's house. Yes, I'm well aware what a dork I am!! but I really like this song :-)

Corinne said...

I never worried that Damon loved Stefan. Damon is obvs. screwed up and Katherine has certainly messed with him. But it's nice to see that he is loyal to his brother.

I'm interested to see where Stefan goes with this blood lust thing, but I wonder if they will really do anything good with it. He does seem like such a white-bread vampire that they could have him rallying by the end of the next episode. I do hope that it leads to an interesting story line.

nodak1982 said...

finally watched it over the weekend so I couldn't reply earlier. Right no guys! I think now Elena's blood will become stefan's personal brand of heroine and we are going to see a tormented look on his face and his hands leaving dents in desks at school while he tries not to breath in her sent when he is near her.

alison said...

ok I don't have a whole lot to say... I must stop multitasking when I watch tv! However I do agree with corinne that I never doubted that Damon loved Stefan. I think its the other way around that seems harder to buy sometimes...
And I would Love for Stefan to go off the deep end. for a long time. Like how spike went good for a few seasons on Buffy. And then Elena could bond with Damon and they could tear down houses with their hott vamp sex. But none of that is ever going to happen, so while I do think that Vamp diaries is fun and well done and all that, I also think it is safe. And I don't think Stefan will stop being safe.

Also, yes, in way, they did "tie off" vicki, as you all put it, but they also used it as a vehicle to further the jeremy storyline... I wonder if he will find out she really was a vamp. Interesting that she was the reason he believed in teh first place only for him to find out that he was "wrong." And I'm glad he didn't turn. I wouldn't mind someone becoming a vamp on purpose, but hes just not ready. Plus Anna's a sneaky bastard.