Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vampire Diaries Review and Chat for Epis 15 & 16

I sat down to write last weeks review and chat, had it all written out and was looking for a pic to post with it, when I lost it all-- boo. So, i apologize if this post is not up to par, I can't find the notes I used last week-- However, let's get to the good stuff, our Salvatore Brothers are back in our weekly lives! woohoo!

Epi 15: A Few Good Men
Best Stefan Moment:
This episode was lacking in hot Stefan moments I felt, but I think what it came down to was that Damon's naked torso scene was going to trump any Stefan moment in this episode! Can we say, HOLY CRAP! I actually really did say "HOLY CRAP!" When Damon walked onto my screen with that beautiful torso of his, so incredibly sexy.
I do have to say, however, that Stefan has such incredibly great little looks that he gives to Elena. My fave moment of his was when he spied Elena at the Auction, and gave her a wave from across the room-- it was a small moment, but one that made me say "ahhhh". Love him.

Best Damon Line: There were a ton of great lines from Damon this week (it really was a Damon episode). My fave:
"What can i do for you, I'm a barrel full of favors today. I might have found a purpose, how can I help people."

Biggest Surprise: Was obviously the fact that Alaric cannot be killed. I knew that ring was something special-- and now we know that he got it from Isobel-- Oh yes, and Isobel is a vampire and Elena's birth mother...SURPRISE!! Though I have to say, the biggest surprise for me, was the horrifically awful death scene with Trudy falling down the stairs-- that was just pitiful, I've come to expect better death scenes than that from this show.

Question for this Episode: Now that we know who Elena's mother is, do you think her biological father will come into play at all in the future?

Epi 16: There Goes The Neighborhood:

Hottest Stefan Moment:
This whole episode. I kept think through out this epi, that Stefan really is the antithesis of Edward. I love, love, love Edward, but Stefan is slowly but surely creeping into his place. Just for the way that Stefan is with Matt-- it was refreshing to see a guy not jealous or threatened by a past boyfriend, but Stefan is actually very understanding towards Matt-- People have claimed Edward to be the perfect guy/vamp-- but really it is Stefan Salvatore that is the perfect guy/vamp in my book.

Best Damon line: Last weeks episode was so full of hot Damon, so I'm going to say that it is ok, that this epi lacked in Damon moments. Pretty much he just got his ass kicked (and eyes gouged) and then got drunk...not much hotness in this epi. We pretty much just learned that our Vamps are not the toughest vamps out there anymore. Anna's mother can kick ass. Best Line:
"There is no way in hell I am going to play your little minon."

Surprises and such: We've now learned that all the vamps escaped the Tomb and are learning to text in a house in the woods. We know that Anna's mother wants to reclaim Mystic Falls, Damon thinks that this sounds like a ridiculous idea, it is no longer the 1800's after all. What kind of domination is she planning?
Jeremy has it in his head that he wants to be turned-- is this because he thinks that Vicky is still a vamp? Does he like Anna at all in a "more than friends" way? What are your thoughts and observations?

8 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Thank you Jes for posting this ♥ you rock!

Eps. 15: lovedLOVEDloved Damon in this episode!!! I think I said "holy crap" too when he walked out half naked lol. I was surprised that Laric didn't die.. it makes me curious about that ring now. Obviously Isabel gave it to him because she wanted to protect him once she turned in to a vampire.. how sweet, yet creepy. Not sure about Elena's dad. They haven't mentioned it much. I really hope he doesn't turn out to be someone creepy like Damon.. how f'ed up would that be?! LOL

Esp. 16: I agree on this being a Stefan episode! Loved him!! I think he is way more understanding & selfless than Edward can be. I liked seeing the relationship between Matt and his Mom (shout out to the OC! anyone used to watch that? lol).. it pulled you away from all the vampireness for a little bit and showed some substance. I like that this show can do that. I REALLY am starting to like Jeremy. I think his curiosity to be turned has everything to do with Vickie. But what I don't understand.. didn't Damon erase his memory of it? or did he only erase Vickie's death? I think there are some true feelings brewing between Jeremy & Anna and I am very curious to see where that goes!

Jes said...

Ginger! this post is soooo long, i don't know if anyone besided you and me will read it!!

But, YES!!!! <3 the O.C. so much! in my origonal post i wrote about how awesome it would be if all the O.C. actors ended up on Vamp Diaries (kinda like how all the Passions actors are now on Days of Our Lives) I'd love that! A little Seth Cohen added into the mix ;)

Ginger @ GReads! said...

umm my response may have been longer! LOL And don't worry.. more peeps will read & respond. I'm sure Erin has a few things to add. And I know Heather is watching the episodes now as I type this (no I am not a peeping tom.. she just said so on facebook lol!)

Seth Cohen ♥ LOVE him!

debra-- said...

Vampire Diaries is getting so GOOD!.
I love Stefan and his 'lovingness' towards Elena.
Damon is just funny.
Did anyone laugh when Stefan was on the phone to Elena in this end (episode 16) and Stefan is like nothing is wrong I'll explain tomorrow meanwhile in the background Damon is like ripping up the dead vampire chick.. HA!

The TV show is completely NOT LIKE THE BOOKS AT ALL!! thank god because I'm up to the last one and its just dragging on and on and on!

heatheryruth said...

Yay! Thanks for the updates Jes! Ok epi 15 first...I thought this one was VERY good, I'm interested to see what they do with the Isobel/Alaric storyline. I also thought it was kind of creepy that she gave him the ring KNOWING what she would become and what he would be thrust into. Also I think it'll be interesting to see what they do with the Alaric/Elena's Aunt romance. Is she going to find out about all the Vamp stuff too? I agree that Stefan is a looker, but I don't think I'm as gaga as Jes and Erin...Still the torso...that was very nice. Damon is starting to grow on me, his one liners crack me up! I wonder if he'll forever be an ass or if his character will evolve beyond that!

Epi 16: Ok as always I'm the odd man out, you guys can have Damon and Stefan, I'll take Matt. He's SUCH a sweetie! How come we never get to see him half naked? I thought the way Stefan handled the "double date" was awesome. I agree he's way more secure than Edward and able to understand that there was life before the "Vampire lover". I feel bad for Caroline, I agree that she kinda gets the short stick a lot from her friends. I like how Matt stepped up at the end! YAY!!

I thought it was a riot that Damon was getting wasted with the "parents" in this episode. I've been waiting for some older vamps to show up and kick some ass. Pearl was AWESOME Loved that she was kicking everyones ass. (The eye gouge was pretty gross eek!)

Ana/Jeremy: WOW did him wanting to be bit and turned take me by total surprise. Right now I think it's just cuz he wants to find Vicki, However I think Ana has more than friends feelings towards him so hopefully that will change! (I wasn't a big fan of Vicki)

Ok, there's my thoughts (guess my post was pretty long too! :{ ) I look forward to the next episode!

♦Z~Z♦ said...

Okay, yes, I was too lazy to read the other posts (sorry... :/) but did anyone else see a complete Bella/Edward scene between Jeremy and Anna? The moment he said "turn me" I was struck by the similarities.
And also, I really have a feeling the show has completely strayed from the books. I just finished the most recent one (laughed my butt off at the end... anyone who read it will understand) and I don't think they're ever going to be able to get it to that point.
Ginger - I laughed so so so so hard at that!! When Matt's mom walked in... my friend and I were laughing so hard it was ridiculous. On the commercial breaks we'd randomly say "Oh not on my couch" and burst out laughing.
As Heather said (I've been reading and writing as I go...) I think Damon's growing on me too. I absolutly hated him in the beginning, but slowly I've been finding I like him more and more. Not too much though... just enough to make me wince and feel bad for him when he got his eyes squished. :'( poor him.

debra-- said...

I just found this! Ian Somerhalder ? (Damon) is rumoured to play Ian in the host http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1517260/

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Seriously?! Wow. I am not done reading The Host, so I don't know how big of a role Ian has yet... but I did not picture Dam to play this role! Hmm.. interesting.. he definitely had the blue eyes for it!