Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vampire Diaries Episode 18, Chat & Discuss

Update!: Ok, so I thought of somethings that I really did enjoy about this episode, and they all involve Stefan :)
Once again we had a scene that was very Twilighty with the whole Stefan and Elena making out on the bed until he flew himself off of her into the wall-- Hooray for Paul Wesley for doing that scene justice and definitely better than Rob and Kristen's version.
Also, truly the hottest Stefan moment was when he hugged Elena tight and said "I love you so much" -- it really comes down to the fact that I love a man in his vulnerable state, if he had shed some tears it would have put me over the edge, in a good way ;)

On the eve of tomorrow nights episode, I was thinking that it might be a good idea to discuss last weeks epi! (I usually get some badgering to post, and did not this week, so I kinda kept putting off- oops!)

Hottest Stefan Moment:
This is the episode when we are introduced to "bad vamp" Stefan-- which I guess really just means "lush vamp" Stefan. I kinda was disappointed in this chance for Stefan to be reckless, I was kinda hoping he would step outside of the "good" box a little more...instead he was just a bully, but the type that doesn't follow thru with his bullying at the last moment-- that seems weird for me to be disappointed in, but I was looking forward to some good role reversal here. I was kinda wanting him to go off the deep end before we welcome our dear good vamp back. So, his hottest moment? I would have to say it was those glimpses we got to see of him dancing at the party in the background- it was cute.

Best Damon Line:(it's so hard to pick just one!)
Elena: How long until he's back to normal.
Damon: A few days, give or take.
Elena: It's been a few days.
Damon: Give then? I don't know.

Shock of the Episode:
Other than me being thoroughly disappointed in Stefan's "dangerous side"-- though I probably shouldn't be... I would say that the big surprise of the episode is the mystery with Uncle John- we are left wondering how he knows Katherine and Isobel and in what capacity?? hmmmmm...? Any theories?
And in true teen TV fashion, we've got the running storyline of Matt and his angst with his washed-up-no-good mother, and Tyler has his daddy issues too, and Jeremy read his sister's diary. Plus, what do you all think of Elena and Damon's growing friendship??

9 enjoyed the bouquet.:

debra-- said...

have you seen the preview for the next episode?
it looks like stefan gets worse! like he is about to bite Caroline?

and damon and Elena are getting closer... like close close?

but I don't know what the deal is with Uncle John?

can't wait till we find out!

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Badgering? what ever are you talking about?? :P hehe

I think Debra is right.. next episode's previews show Stefan jumping a little further off the deep end. So maybe that will ease some of your disappointment, Jes? lol I did not care for the scene where Stefan was rubbing his fingers in Matt's mom's blood.. and then licking it off his fingers. That was just creepy gross to me!

I was giggling at the scene when Stefan and Damon walked in to the Founders party at the beginning. I can't remember what Damon was saying, but it was something that made me laugh! Plus he looked so cute!!!

I like that the writers threw us a curve ball with Elana's uncle. I am very curious to see where that story takes things. I have no idea how or why he's tied in to this. And where has Bonnie been?? is she hiding out in mourning over her Grandmother's death still???

Jes said...

ok, so I added some positive Stefan reviews-- atleast I think those moments are from this episode...right!?!

heatheryruth said...

Ok first of all I was thinking the SAME thing about Bonnie, is she ever gonna come back? Maybe she's gonna come back like "bad Willow" on Buffy and be all crazy! Here's to hoping! hehe!

I too was a little let down with 'bad Stefan' I was hoping for some craziness and didn't get it!

Not real sure what is up with Uncle John but I LOOOOOVVEE that actor so I'm glad he's been added to the cast and is EASY to kill off!

Finally I'm beginning to REALLY like Damon and his softer side. Nice to see he can still be a smart alec while still caring about people.

I like that he's become sort of friends with Elena, however I would like it to stay "just friends" I feel like love triangles is all you get in movies and books lately. I'd rather they keep Elena and Stefan as a couple and just add different stresses and complications without doing a LOVE TRIANGLE.

Also Jes, FYI, I've been checking everyday waiting for the post, but I didn't want to be hassling ya. I realize people have lives and jobs outside of the internet! hehe! For me the internet is just an escape since I rarely leave my house. Sometimes being a STAY HOME Mom gets so tedious. I tend to get very tired of my house!!!!! ;) So thanks for helping me feel like I connect with people outside of my house! ;)

Ginger @ GReads! said...

I meant to comment on that scene... when he was holding Elana and said I love you.. aaahhh stole my heart!!!

and I agree.. the bed scene was MUCH better than Twilight.

Oh and I don't have a life :) I just sit on the computer every day, all day! lol

♦Z~Z♦ said...

Ok, this is a comment for the episode that just aired, and all I have to say is....


I am so mad at him...

Although I thought when Damon stepped up for him in the dance Damon was being sweet. :)

Oh no... Damon's growing on me... D:

Jes said...

z-z-just a reminder to not talk about each weeks epi until we have a post about it :)
I haven't watched it yet, but will tmrw!

I Love, love, love that you post with us though! and I am definately lovin Damon too!

Ginger @ GReads! said...

I read the first line of ZZ's comment earlier and quickly closed it lol.... now that I've seen the episode I can NOT wait for your blog Jes!! Just when I think I've seen my favorite episode.. another one comes at me :)

This show is awesome.

Jes said...

I watched it late last night, and took a ton of notes! I'm heading out of town this weekend, but I will post Sunday night!