Monday, October 13, 2008

Alison, is that you?

"It’s not that he’s too young. It’s that he’s not my Edward, although perhaps it’s something deeper. Perhaps it’s about the hate transfer. Because I am still so f&cking angry over the colossal FAIL that was Breaking Dawn."


It does sound eerily like something Alison would write although she would put Bella in place of Edward. Anyway, read this, thought the colossal FAIL comment was funny and thought I'd post.

13 enjoyed the bouquet.:

alison said...

ha ha. I just went over and read that. I think maybe I did write it. Like my subconscious linked into the internet and created an alter ego that gets way more attention than I do and says awesome things about her gay friends and how sh*t twilight is.

twilight makes me sad.

City of Bones all the way baby! I'm starting a Shiny Shadowhunter Club now. Or Glamor Shadowhunter Club>??? Need to work on the title.

Ryah said...

YAY! I wanna be in the shiny shadowhunter club too. Jace is my man, sorry Jacob.

Kari said...

I still have nothing but love for the Twilight series. I'm pretending Breaking Dawn was the time my love got really, really drunk and said some mean things to me.

I've forgiven Breaking Dawn. Sorta.

But this article was so totally Alison, I had to search for the Lainey bio page to ensure it wasn't actually her. Did you read the BD review?

Ryah said...

twilight is like the boyfriend that broke my heart, but i still want to love and forgive him and he better do something awesome for me to make me come back to him.

i hope this movie can do that.

alison said...

dittoes, ryah. And we all know how bitter of a biddie I turn into when my heart is broken. I didn't read the bd one. Do you have a link or should I just browse around?

I do still love twilight. but sometimes i hate it. and it is very easy for me to criticise it. yes, ex boyfriend is the perfect analogy.

Kari said...

Breaking Dawn Review by

alison said...


Corinne said...

Yes, Twilight is my on-again, off-again boyfriend. I have overlooked a major flaw and am trying to convince myself I am not settling--the good parts are worth the relationship!

Anonymous said...

I seriosly wouldn't understand that analogy seeing I've only had one boyfriend and we're still together. My friend might understand that better cause in grade 3 she had 3 or 4 boyfriends at once. (she's like a teenager that was born to late, I swear, she acts, speaks, even looks 16.)

Erin said...

BD is like boyfriend and I had our first major argument/fight. Honeymoon's over, but we're still in love. We're strong enough to make it through. I can't quit you, Twilight.

But Kari's analogy made me laugh really hard. Drunk and MEAN.

Pinkchan said...

OK the BD review just told me that Fred dies on hp thanks so much I was doing so well and so little hp was liked to me, but still I accept it cause I know is my fault I should have read it already:(
still it had his funny parts

We GET it!

She’s amazing! She’s Katie f&cking Holmes!"
LOL that crack me up
and about twilight is hard for me to see a saga as separeted books to me is one story and as with people you accept them in your life with the good and the bad cause things will not be the same whit out the deffects

Anonymous said...

ive almost read all the twilight books exept BD, cuz i heard it sucked(no offence) but that is what my friends tell me, and that is what the online reviws say:/

alison said...

I haven't read it either, Grimm. I don't want it to ruin twilight for me, although it kind of has anyway.