Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weekend Update

For an article about Rob at Whiskey a Go GO click HERE

To watch a video with Esme/Elizabeth Reaser find it HERE, she talks about Twilight around the 3min mark.

To read an article focused on the promotion and franchise click HERE


The Lexicon just posted this info about the premiere:

We recently checked with Summit Films regarding the status of fan involvement during the premiere. According to Summit the premiere will take place at the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater on November 17th. It’s standard to do a premiere a few days ahead of the nationwide release.

Fans are welcomed to come out and see the stars by standing in roped off areas. We specifically asked Summit "Is there any restriction security wise on who can be outside the theater. In other words would the average fan have the opportunity to stand behind a rope line and see the stars arrive?" and we were told "There are no restrictions regarding being present for arrivals at the premiere."

We also asked if the average fan would have any opportunity to actually get inside the premiere, and they are getting back to us on that. However they did share a bunch of new info seen below.

3 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Anonymous said...

Lucky butts get to see it first. And I'm not going to go to that theatre to see it.

leylakyrie said...

Speaking of Esme - I just had to post a little congrats for her new show! So excited for her success!!
If you missed it last night - you can watch the episode online...

heatheryruth said...'s for things like this where I get ticked for all those years I LIVED in CA and nothing exciting ever happened! How fun would it be to go and star watch!