Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Twilight Trailer

Holy S!!!

Twilight HD Exclusive Trailer

17 enjoyed the bouquet.:

alison said...

thanks for posting, kari. I'm to lazy post or watch it.

thats really lazy, right?

Kari said...

Ohhhh, watch it! It's awesome. It gets me so excited for the movie.

alison said...

I will but I don't know where the remote is so i can put the television on mute... I heard the first few seconds and it sounded good. Will watch it later. I'm just happy we got the link ;)

Kari said...

You're so awesome for finding the link, Alison!

Jes said...

love, my love edward!

(I can't complete any sentences at the moment)

Erin said...

oh. my. ohmy.

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen might just be the hottest thing I've ever seen. That KISS.


heatheryruth said...

Yeah! I agree...AWESOME!!! CAN"T. WAIT. TO. SEE. IT!!!

Ryah said...

i have to admit this is the best trailer yet.

looks good.

Jes said...

I wonder how perez got it so early? There is still 15min to go for it at the official site and our widget below.

I LOVE the apple scene, total nod to the cover.

~♦♥Z~Z♥♦~ said...

DAMN!!! I can't get it! But I watched the segment on ET last night, but that little peice was crap.

ps - srry if it comes up twice. my computer is messed up at the moment.

Anonymous said...

holy frickin crap
i am going to see every movie between now and the twilight premiere just to see which movie it shows in

fyi: this is mo with the awesome edward pic. my computer won't let me log in as myself
*mad mad mad*

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I had some concerns about the movie based on stuff I've seen so far, but after seeing this, I know its gonna be amazing!!

Rob is SO hot, I seriously wanna be Kirsten

alison said...

I watched it.

1. Rob's american accent is blowsville.
2. Rob doesn't look as cute when he is in motion or talking. he looked cross eyed a lot.
3. Kristin. Need I say more? Maybe I do. The worst.
4. I don't know about this movie. This morning, I was all "its gonna be so good!" and then I saw the trailer, and I don't know if I believe it anymore. It looks kind of cheesy. Also I just can't get over how awful kristin is. Her voice makes me want to kill myself.
Bella? Please.

Ryah said...

i agree alison, i love you r patty, but your american accent sounds a bit american/british with a little irish thrown in.

alison said...

yeah. I mean, don't get me wrong--I love him too. He is probably the ONLY reason I want to watch this movie. But his accent leaves much to be desired.

Grimm said...

Holy s is right!!!WE LOVE U EDWARD!!!(srry:))

Grimm said...

OH< wait i like...
the kiss
the apple(nice reflex)
AAANNNDDD....the kiss!!!