Friday, October 31, 2008

More Twilight Love

Twilight was the homepage theme on MySpace today:

(Click on the image to enlarge.)

For some reason, the screenshot didn't get the movie countdown and video link (the trailer) that was posted in the middle of the top banner. I thought the pic of Laurent was cool - hadn't seen that one yet (I think?). I'm guessing these are the images for the trading cards, too?

3 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Anonymous said...

it sux cuz:

1) i am not on myspace

2) i can't get on myspace

3) i am not a fan of the pic of edward, cuz' the angle is weird:l

Anonymous said...

i'm not aloud to do any of those things either grimm, but I like the pic's of them (with the exeption of that one pic of Edward) and the fact that they say how old they r.

U C, this is how u no I skip certain parts of don't pay attention to details. I had no idea that Jasper and Emmett were 20. O well.

21 day 'till the movie comes out!

Decode by Paramore is now a THREE NIGHT CHAMP!!!

no more fanfics yet. back 2 browsing.


Anonymous said...

kk, I found this cool vid 4 'Decode'. If this works, the link should be below.

I don't think it worked, but if it did, pls watch it, if it didn't, type that address into the bar where it says where you are.