Wednesday, March 25, 2009

City of Glass: Part One Chat--> only read if you have read Part One or don't mind being spoiled.

Thoughts? Discussion? Questions?

14 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Kari said...

I literally just finished Part 1 and I said out loud, "Oh Shit."

What are your thoughts Alison?

alison said...

my thoughts sofar:

clary and jace were sooo hot hot hot! damn.

also: anyone else think sebastian is not who he says he is?

hmmm... what else? hard to think straight due to all the morgancest

Kari said...

Yes, jace! OMG!!! That scene was so hot. I was squealing.

I think Seb is bad bad news. Is it too obvious that he's the brother and he's the one with the demon blood?

alison said...

I'm not sure if that is too obvious or not, Kari. Did you get the idea that his hair is dyed black?

also, not totally sure I understand the whole thing about the demon/angel blood. Prob. read it too fast. Are they still supposed to be sibs, just with demon/angel blood, or does this rule out the relation thing?

Kari said...

No, I didn't get the idea it was dyed black. I could have totally missed that though! I jsut figured it was a good/bad thang. Jace = white, good. Seb = black, bad.

I also thought the blood just meant one was good and one was bad. I don't know! Arrrggghh!!

alison said...

I could have been reading too much into it, but when she and sebastian were kissing, she was running her hands through his hair. After, she noticed her fingers were stained black.

Or was that his fingers? I don't know. It just made me wonder if his hair was fakely colored.

although hair dye shouldn't come off so I think I'm just being dumb.

Kari said...

Nono! You could totally be onto something. I was wondering why her fingers were black. That makes sense!

Kari said...

And what are your thoughts about Max, the little bro? He keeps getting brushed off like he's just a kid. I wonder how that will come into play?

alison said...

oh, I don't know! I've been brushing him off too.

I also wonder if Samuel will have a larger/meaningful role later in the book. he seems like he could be very helpful or hurtful.

Kari said...

Yeah, I keep wondering about Samuel as well.

Ryah said...
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Ginger @ GReads! said...

ok I just opened this, but scrolled down not to read what anyone said LOL! I have not finished part 1 yet. I stopped at page 125... Clary showed up at the house with the Lightwoods, walked in on Jace & Aline, had a few words with Jace, and walked out! what the hell??!! I want to keep reading, but I have dinner plans tonight. So I wont be able to continue til tomorrow probably.

Well nevermind.. I just scrolled up and read everything, haha! Its too hard not to stay away. How far am I from finishing part 1??!!

alison said...

part two starts on 216.

don't worry! we'll still be here tomorrow!

have a good night! I guess I am going to have to not do anything but read tonight. I just can't put it down. Good thing husband has to work til 9 or I'd feel guilty ;)

Ginger @ GReads! said...

aahhh I'm so close!!

oh and by the way, I was having a funny feeling about Sebastian too. I don't know as much as y'all do at this point, but something rubs me the wrong way about him. Why is he so nice?! why doesn't he care about the odd situation going on with all the Lightwoods + Jace + Clary + freaking Simon!!??!! I would be asking some questions!

When I was reading about Samuel I kept picturing the cells in the movie Pirates of the Carribean.. with the dead looking guys in the next cell over, haha.. I don't know why!!