Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Moon Set News, etc...

Click HERE for an article about the NM shooting the beach scene of the movie.
also some PICS from the filming. More Pics HERE

HERE is an awesome little blog about Mike Dexter/Carlisle

If you'd like to see some videos from the Twilight DVD release parties check them out HERE.

4 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Hmm.. some of the links you posted Jes are not working for me. Might be from my end though!

I still giggle when I see him refered to as "Mike Dexter" hehe.

alison said...

oh, you are right ginger! I'll go see if I can figure out what is wrong.

alison said...

ok. I think they are fixed now!

Sara said...

I loved the Beach pics! I have high hopes for this film! :)

Also, the post about Peter Facinelli is amazing. He seems like a wonderful person. One commenter wrote that his actions at the DVD release party truly showed him as the REAL Dr. Carlisle Cullen--and I completely agree :)

Thanks for all of these great Twi-nuggets that you guys post!! I love this blog :)