Monday, September 6, 2010

Mocking Jay/Hunger Games Trilogy Discussion

Since the book has been out for a few weeks and most of us have read it by now, we want to open up the forum for your discussion, thoughts and feelings about the book. Some topics to get you started:

How did you like the ending of the series?

Who were your favorite characters?

Team Peeta vs Team Gale....did she get the guy you wanted?

Were there any surprises for you as this series ended?

What did you like or not like about this series?

..............And, Go!!!!

11 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Erin said...

ooh, yay for this! I still have to read Clockwork Angel. Will def. have it done after next weekend as I'll have car time to read. :D

1. I was satisfied w/ the end. It was right for Katniss. The fact that it was kind of undefined/anticlimactic was probably best for her - she'd had enough heart-wrenching drama for many lifetimes. An easy life with Peeta is what she deserved.

2. I love FINNICK! And Haymitch. And Cinna. And Peeta (though in my mind Gale was hotter?). And Rue. and and and

3. I am Team Switzerland once again. I was leaning toward Gale the first two books, but made a COMPLETE turnaround in the third. That never happens. So yes, I was pleased with her end result.

4. I didn't see Coin's death at the end coming at all. I suspected Prim would die but didn't quite expect it either. I like that she befriended Johanna in the end.

5. I liked that it got me to read with intensity though it's not a true romance. Usually fluffy romances are all I can't put down. I like that the ending was satisfying but not fluffy/happy - it was more realistic? I like that Katniss was able to be happy with Peeta and make him happy. And that she was able to have kids - I think that's the true sign that she'd accepted her safety and the stability of the new government. I did not like how fast everything went at the end. I feel like it could have used an extra 100 pages.

But, this is probably a top three series for me. Ever. I love it more than I can say.

Kari said...

Wow - just finished it yesterday and could not have been more emotionally invested in a book since ...hmmm...Twilight, I guess?

I agree with Erin on almost all her points. I, too, was a Gale fan and totally switched teams in Mockingjay. I didn't like his war-mentality, especially when that's the thing Katniss wanted to avoid the most.

Oh and Peeta! I love him. Love love love.

I cried when Finnick died. I cried hard when Prim died. I cheered when Coin died! Stupid Coin. Stupid Swan.

I am a tiny disappointed Haymich went back to his drunkard self - although I totally understand why.

I was unprepared for such an adult-themed ending. Most of the books we read this day end with butterflies and unicorns. I'm still Team Unicorn, but I love when books switch it up. Really gave me things to think about.

This post was totally all over. Sorry!

♦Z~Z♦ said...

I liked the ending of the series... a little fast, but still good.

I loved most of the characters... it's be easier for me to say I didn't like Coin, Gale and her mom. Never have. Gale... bugs me, same with her mom.

Team Peeta, since The Hunger Games, and still am. I don't know why... but I'm happy that Katniss ended up with him.

Ginger @ GReads! said...

1. I felt like the ending was very rushed. My first reaction when I finished Mockingjay was disappointment. After some time though, it changed. I really needed to think about this book.. there could have been more about Katniss & Peeta "finding each other again" back in District 12. I also felt like Gale deserved a better ending. Perhaps a chance meet between him & Katniss? An actual conversation? Not just "oh Gale got some kick ass job in district 2..." :-\

2. I really liked Cinna and Finnick. I felt like they picked up Katniss just when she needed it most & there weren't any other motives. I loved Gale for keeping Katniss's family safe while she was away in the Games. I loved Peeta for protecting Katniss while in the Games & never being afraid to show how he truly felt about her, on or off camera.

3. I am both.. is that possible? I never truly felt one guy over the other for Katniss. I'm happy with her & Peeta in the end together. I think he was the better fit for her. However, I did not see this until the final book.

4. Katniss killing Coin surprised me. I did not see that one coming.

5. I love that this series makes me think, waaaaay beyond the chapters have ended. When a book can do that, you know it's something pretty amazing. I think it's a great piece of literature for a younger audience that shows truth. Not everything is rainbows & sunshine. There is reality out there, very harsh reality. I think this series does a nice job of captivating that.

nodak1982 said...

1. I loved the very end. It seemed more realistic considering all of the trauma Katnis went through. I couldn't see her staying involved in politics or war. She is burnt out (yes a pun intended). I wanted her with Peeta the entire time. I'm glad she ended up with him. However, with the war piece towards the end it was hard to follow, and I wasn't even sure if Prim was really there and on fire or if Katnis was dreaming. It was very confusing, which is maybe what the author was going for, but it was harder to get into the commotion of the war compared to the action of the hunger games.

2. I think Rue was my favorite character of the series followed by Peeta.

3. I already said I'm team Peeta.

4. I was very mad that Prim died and even more upset that her mom went to another district. I mean her mom has never really been there for her, but it would have been nice if for once her mother showed up for her.

5. I loved the whole thing except for the confusion of the war in book 3.

Corinne said...

I agree that the end of the book is a bit rushed and the details are foggy. But when I think about it as a narrative, I am more forgiving because it seems pretty realistic.

I was always team Peeta. I never felt Gale was given much of a chance as a romantic partner for Katniss, and especially at the end, I am glad they weren't together. I loved Peeta the entire time. He's my dough boy.

I also really loved Cinna and Rue. They both were some of my favorite characters (I like Katniss as well). I agree with the sentiments about her mother. I never gave it much thought, but how odd to really never grow up with your parents really helping you out (besides her dad at an early age)

This was a book series I just couldn't put down. It was such an emotional roller coaster and I loved it. The joy, the pain, the reality. I will recommend this to anyone who wants a book to read...

heatheryruth said...

So I know I'm late coming to the party on this one. However I did finally finish and so glad that Ginger insist I read the series! As a rule I'm not real big on post appacolyptic series. However this one really got me from the start.

I really agree with Corinne on the fave people. I liked Peeta, and Cinna. I was hoping he wouldn't really be dead! *sigh*

I too, really liked that it wasn't the traditional "Happily ever after" ending. It gives people something to think about. Although once again I'm surprised that this would be considered "YA Fiction" Some very gore filled/intense scenes.

I actually wasn't taken surprise by anything. I guess Prim dying was a little bit of a "Oh WOW!" moment.

So all in all a good series! As always SVC, Thanks for giving me the heads up! :)


Ryah said...

I am waaay late in reading this series, but it was worth the wait.

1. I agree with everyone that the ending was rushed. I thought it was very realistic however, if I would have went through all Katniss went through, I would have been in a fog like state that was so accuratly described. I would have loved more story of Katniss and Peeta's life, but I'm just happy they were able to have one together.

2. For me, Gale never stood a chance. Peeta was it for me the first couple of pages in. He was the calm she needed, like she said in the book, she had enough fire that she didn't really need any of Gale's.

3. I loved Rue, Cinna, Haymitch, and Finnick. Peeta most of all.

4. Many things took me by surprise, which I love. Usually books are sadly predictable. I didn't see Prim dying, that was a shock. I did see her killing Coin. She was the female version of President Snow and had to go.

5. I agree that I haven't been this emotionally invested in a book series in a looooong time. I finished reading about an hour ago, but still feel like I need a good cry and one of Peeta's hugs.

Erin said...

YAY Ryah! Agree on all accounts.

Erin said...

ps. awww, peeta hugs!

Kari said...

Yay Ryah! I'd take a Peeta hug any day.