Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Premier "The Return" Discussion!

WOW! WOAH! OH MY GAWD! I exclaimed that and more tonite as I watched the premier tonite-- SOSOSOSOSO Great!

First up- We were left with three big cliff hangers from season one:
1. Jeremy- Dead?
2. Tyler- Werewolf?
3. Katherine- Why?

Stefan's Hottest Moments:
1.Blue V-neck tee-shirt!! The wardrobe department did good here.
2. Stefan seeing right through Katherine, and literally hurling her across the room! YES! I did not want him to be tricked by her, I was screaming at the TV for him not to be tricked by her! I love Stefan, love him and this episode brought him to us after the hiatus raring to go! I love "tough guy" Stefan!

Damon's best line: "To risk another frown line, on a very crowded forehead" Oh, our poor Damon! He was trying and doing so well at being a god guy! I was actually pissed at Bonnie for giving him such a hard time- I yelled "Bitch!" at the TV when she used her power on him. But that ending was amazing, and our poor Damon has fallen off the "Nice Wagon" once again! My mouth hit the floor when he snapped Jeremy's neck!!

Episode Overview:
So our cliffhangers have somewhat been answered. Jeremy did not overdose, but then oh my gosh did I for a minute think he was going to be a Vamp at the end!!! Effin Damon!! Yay, to John for giving him the ring!
Tyler is definitely something, I'm still guessing Were-- but I'm excited to hear more about this Curse, Uncle Mason(was that his name?) is speaking about-- I'm sure Bonnie will play into that. And can we say BAD ASS BONNIE?? Though, I was expecting something between her and Elena about not taking the spell off that vamp shrieker thingy from the season finale...?
Katherine- Back to get Stefan? I'm not sure I buy that, cause she isn't doing anything that I would consider close to an attempt at reconciling with him.

So that brings us to Caroline!!! YES!! We now have our new Vamp, curious to see if she will last or be killed off pretty fast. I was bummed when they killed Vicki, Stefan's friend, and Anna off. I knew that too much vamp blood was being shared in this episode for there not be SOMEONE turned- I think Caroline will be alot of fun as a Vamp sidekick to Damon.

Odd things I though of:
- Jeremy's leather jacket was hideous and too big on him
-Elena's hair was not straightened very well at all
- Katherine's necklace = her walking in daylight?


9 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Ginger @ GReads! said...

I read this last night after I watched & wanted to post, but my stupid iphone wouldn't let me!

So here goes (again)...

I FREAKING LOOOOOOOOVED last night's episode. So, so good!! Within the first 10 minutes I was like HOLY HELL!! I was hooked.

I thought Stefan looked AMAZING. So freaking hotttt! I really liked his strong presence through out the episode too. I'm glad they didn't play out the whole "Damon thought he kissed Elana, but really it was Katherine" thing.. I'm glad they figured that out real quick in the beginning.

I was so, so sad for Damon when Katherine said he didn't love her. Arggghhh. And then I got really pissed at him when he took out his hurt on Elana.

I sort of figured Jeremy got the ring from his Uncle. So when Damon "killed" him I wasn't that shocked.

I'm still very, very curious about Tyler & his family "secret". Umm how hot is his Uncle?!! Holy hell lol.

I had a feeling SOMEONE would be turned too with all the vamp blood going around, as well. Just wasn't sure who until they showed Caroline at the end. I really hope she stays around & this isn't the end of her. I like her. I think it's ironic she got turned too since she's one of the few left in the town who know nothing about the vampires!

Can't wait to watch more... LOVE this show!

Ginger @ GReads! said...

***typo... meant to say I was so, so sad for Damon when Katherine said SHE didn't love HIM.

nodak1982 said...

I didn't necessarily feel bad for Damon when Katherine said she didn't love Him, because you could tell she was playing games and wanting to destroy him and he should have seen that too. When Elena said that It's Stefen, its always going to be stefen. That is when I felt for her.
Can I say I love Megavideo. I never worry about missing my shows!

♦Z~Z♦ said...

I actually teared up when at a few parts with Damon cause he just looked so small and helpless. I said outloud "Aww Daamon..." a few times.
I found Stefan's character different this season, more forward. I wasn't sure if I liked it in the beginning, but by the end I did.
Katherine and Stefan's scene at the mayor's house was funny, because they were arguing and all and then Matt came up to talk to them and they switched to the Stefan and Elena roles, and then when Matt walked away Katherine was "His eyes are so blue!" I loved that line.

Jes said...

I agree Stefan is different this year, and i LOVE it-- more assertive, aggressive, assured. I noticed it right away.

♦Z~Z♦ said...

To rephrase what I said before:

Damon looked like he needed a hug at some parts. :3

Diviya said...

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Jes said...

Thanks Diviya!!! Post anytime with us!

Erin said...

Love, love, love Stefan. I forgot, really, how much I love him. I could never really let myself love Damon (even though I wanted to) b/c I knew he'd disappoint me. Stefan never does :D I, too, love when he's a badass. Great epi.