Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Epi 3 "Bad Moon Rising" Discussion

Did anyone else have "Twilight-esque" moments while watching this episode??
1. Stefan(edward) and Elena's (bella) kiss before she went of with Damon (jacob)-- very treaty-line like
2. Stefan hunting with Caroline for rabbits, strongly resembled Edward to me

Hottest Stefan Moment: I'm enjoying Stefan taking Caroline under his wing, it is really fun to see him develop a new friendship with her. In this weeks episode I adored the scene of Stefan and Caroline hunting for rabbits-- he looked fantastic in that grey tee shirt he was wearing. I mean seriously, the make-up department has stepped up their game this year with Stefan, he is breathtaking.
How awesome was the dialogue between these two? I loved Caroline teasing Stefan about his "Serious Vamp look" and such.

Best Damon Line: "Like that amazing Vampire story?" (his retort to Isobel's research being a bunch of myths)

YAY YAY YAY!!! ALARIC HAS RETURNED!!! I was thrilled at the return of Alaric to the show, I just really love the character-- he brings an important presence of an older male (whose on the side of good) to the show that I think it important to the relationships of our characters.

So, the search for the ulterior motives of Kathryn continues, and that brings some of the gang  to Duke to look through Isobel's research. Damon finds a book that may lead to some insite to Kathryn's motives. Right away we learn with this book that she hails from Europe and that Petrova was her maiden name
(is that correct?? I'm writing this off of notes, a few days after I've written them!! It really is easier to write this as soon as the epi finishes!! my bad!)

Back to Caroline, Stefan and the Werewolf Mason-- What was Stefan thinking walking towards the back of that SUV??? He has superpower hearing, he knew that there was a very wound up dog was inside in the most tame situation!!! Curiosity, I suppose, and boy was his walk up to the truck suspenseful!!! "Oh, SHIT!" came flying out of my mouth at the moment the window broke, THANK GOD HE DIDN'T GET BITTEN!!!! I'm so afraid of that happening now!

I truly hope that Caroline doesn't become Kathryn's plaything or cohort-- I've got high hopes for Caroline and I hope she doesn't automatically do Kathryn's bidding.... she won't right!?!

Where do you all see this coming to a head? Anyone have a guess as to what Kathryn's up to?

I'm throwing this pic in cause I think it's funny-

5 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Ginger @ GReads! said...

hahahaha @ that pic of Tyler.

Another great episode, agreed! I loved the scene between Caroline & Stefan in the woods too. I liked that he called her out on her neurotic behavior, haha. But then how cute was it when he said his emotions came out? awww <3

I knew Alaric was coming back! and it looks like he might be sticking around too since him & Elana's aunt are finally getting it on.

And yes Jes, I believe what you said about Katherine's past & what they discovered at the college is correct. I have NO clue what Katherine's intentions are. I don't believe that she's just there to get Stefan back. There has to be more to it. And I don't think we'll see a resolve for awhile.. because after all.. isn't the show pretty much based around this??

Umm how sad was that at the end when Caroline made Matt break up with her??!! Arghhhh! I love her as a vamp.

Ginger @ GReads! said...

oh and the scene with werewolf Mason in the back of the suv.. I was totally covering my eyes when Stefan was creeping around it! I screamed too! haha

Tammy said...

I love these recaps, good job Jes!

Caroline is a most awesome female vamp. LOVE her! I do hope she doesn't turn into Katherine's toy though and becomes a toy for her. I love the dialog with Stefan & Caroline.. too funny!

The whole wolf scene had me on edge. I'm not sure I was breathing the last 15 minutes!

Whatever Kathryn is up to.. it's no good but I have no clue as to what it is!

Jes said...

Thanks Tammy!!

bagwill said...

yeah i like this kinda mysterious fiction based episodes and movies and would love to watch it! and also i love to Watch The Vampire Diaries Online