Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Epi 4 "Memory Lane"

Was it just me, or did anyone else feel like they kept waiting for something major to happen the whole episode? And then it just didn't?  I know not every episode is going to be completely amazing... there will be a few in between as "fillers" and I felt like this was one of those.  There were a few moments that made me laugh, and a few moments that made me gasp, but nothing too dramatic.

Hottest Stefan Moment:
Unfortunately I did not see too much hottness from our Stefan this episode.  Don't get me wrong -- he is hot all on his own! But nothing major stood out to me.  I did however find him pretty yummy during the scene when he had Katherine in the basement & she threatened him to stay away from Elena or else she would hurt everyone around her.  His anger & rage outburst was pretty sexy!

Best Damon Line:
(at Jenna's bbq - between Damon & Mason)
Mason: "We haven't met. I'm Mason Lockwood."
Damon: "Oh sure. Damon Salvatore."
Mason: "I know, I've heard a lot of great things about you."
Damon: "Really? That's weird. Because I'm a dick."

hehehe ♥ oh Damon! yes, you can be a dick but we still LOVE you!

Later during the bbq, I had a good laugh as the banter continued between Damon & Mason:
Mason: "I'm sorry. I'm an animal." -- when grabbing the pie with his hands.
Damon: "I always pegged you as the lone wolf." -- talking about Mason back in high school.
Mason: "Well I'm sure you were the lady killer." -- refering to Damon in his younger years.

Did anyone else freak when Stefan almost kissed Katherine??!!  I ALMOST thought he was going to give in! I was screaming at the tv!!

After tonight's episodes some questions have surfaced:
- Why is Caroline helping Katherine? do you think she is scared & doing it only out of fear? or could there be an ulterior motive that we have yet to see?
- What is the deal with the moon stone that Tyler is keeping away from Mason? and why did Katherine have it to begin with?
- Does anyone else think 1800 Stefan & Damon are hideous??!!! lol

4 enjoyed the bouquet.:

nodak1982 said...


heatheryruth said...

So glad you pick that line for Damon! I was hoping it'd be the Dick one cuz I laughed out loud for that one! hehe!

Yeah this epi didn't really do much for me! Bummer! Hopefully the next one will be better.

although I kinda wish that the wolves and vamps would have gotten along, would have been a nice change and Mason seems decent!

Tammy said...

That Damon line was classic. Loved it!

I also liked when Katherine was talking about wolves and made a reference about how there are some in some movies & shoook her head. Kinda funny?

I did scream when Stefan was going to kiss Katherine. NO NO NO! I also fell for the fight that Stefan & Elena had thinking it was real. Glad it wasn't!

I am disappointed Caroline is doing Katherine's dirty work. I like her as a Vamp but not as a toy!

Yeah, what is the deal witht he moon stone? And who did Mason kill??

More questions to be answered which keeps me hanging on!

Jes said...

YAY!! I was able to find this epi online today :) Thanks for starting the Convo this week Ginger!

I really enjoyed this episode, it had alot of Character development that I enjoyed. I'm kinda upset that Damon tried to kill Mason, he is just so quick to kill-- I think it would have been interesting if the Vamps and the Weres become allies instead of enemies.
I think that the moonstone keeps a Were from turning on the full moon, if they have it in their posession-- that's my guess. I think that Katherine has been keeping tabs on the Lockwwods thru the years, and she knew that Stefan would be in harms way with Mason returning to Mystic Lake--- thus she returns to finally end the curse... but they she could have just killed all the Lockwoods easily eanough, right?
I really do hope that Stefan is right, and that there is something way bigger than we can even imagine going to happen with Katherine's returning than just a silly game of "you love me, don't love her" going on here.
Ugh... I'm worried that i'm going to be dissapointed in the end--- but I can't be right?? Cause all these Epis are sooooo good.