Monday, September 6, 2010

Clockwork Angel Discussion Thread

Clockwork Angel has been released. Since this site has been dedicated to following the Mortal Instruments series and Cassandra Clare, it is only fitting we chat about the newest installment in her collection. Give us your thoughts about Clockwork Angel. Some discussion points:

How did you like the book? Is it in keeping with your feelings with the MI series?

Who are your favorite or least favorite new characters?

What were some surprises for you in this book?

What questions do you still have and where do you think this series is going?

What do you think Will is going to ask Magnus in the Epilogue?

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♦Z~Z♦ said...

Clockwork Angel... where to start...

I LOVED the book! It was a little slow to catch me, but by the time I got to the endish I was hooked.

Favorite characters... I loved them all... except for Nate and whatshisface... the big bad guy.

Surprises... hm... only Thomas's death. I teared up a bit then. Oh, and that I like Will over Jem. I would've thought that I'd like Jem, but apparently I have a thing for the Herondale's.

I hope Tessa ends up being not a Downworlder! I don't have anything against them, it's just that I really want her and Will or Jem to become a couple. (I would say "get together" but the book's in Victorian times and my mind's still in their manners set... I've been switching between "Proper English" and everyday English for a few days.)

I have no idea what Will's asking Magnus... I can't wait to find out though!

Ginger @ GReads! said...

I have heard both good & bad things about this book. Here are my thoughts...

1. I love anything CC produces. Her imagination & wit amazes me. I had told myself before I even turned to the first page that I'd enjoy this story. Was it as good as TMI series? Of course not. It's good in it's own way, though.

2. I love Will because he reminds me so much of Jace, just in an 1800's Englishman sort of way. I really like Jem too & I think he's going to be a great person for Tessa to lean on. Charlotte is awesome!

3. Obviously the whole Nate thing. I had a feeling the Magister was who he was & that sort of annoyed me that the other Shadowhunters were so quick to believe him. You'd think they were smarter than the average human?

4. I want to know what Tessa is. I do not believe she's just a Downworlder. I think she has Shadowhunter blood in her somewhere. I'm also curious about Will's past & why he left his parents when he was 12. I also want to know what Will saw the first time he kissed Tessa in the attic. That is seriously bugging me.

5. I think CC is wanting us to think Will went to Magnus about his own personal things.. but I think it's for someone else. A cure for Jem? to find out about Tessa?

Anonymous said...

I did not like Will. I loved Jace, but Will seems mean without the lovable side. I know he is supposed to be Jace-esq, but he just wasn't to me. I wanted to shake Tessa until she saw that she shouldn't let Will treat her so badly.

I love Jem!
I agree with Ginger that Tessa is a mix of downworlder and shadow hunter.
Love Cassandra Clare--great imagination!

Corinne said...

I love Cassandra Clare, but I have to admit I was a bit disappointed with this book, but choose to remain hopeful.

My disappointment lies in the underdevelopment of characters and plot. I agree with what you are saying Beth about Will and not knowing why he's such an ass. Jace I gave more leway for because I immediately fell in love with him. But not so much with Will. I think he will be the guy for Tessa (not Jem), but I hope he really gets developed more--and I am assuming he will.

I really like Jem as a friend and character. And think his story line has potential.

I am very curious as to what Tessa will be. I don't think downworlder either, but we'll see. I also wonder what is up with Sophie and if she will be anything more than just a girl with "the sight"

I have been saying that this seems like a prequel to Clockwork Angel, rather than the first installment. I'm hoping they pick up steam and CC gives me a reason to love this just as much as Mortal Instruments.

Anonymous said...

did I actually say I would shake Tessa to show her that Will was mean...that would be mean. I take it back!

Jes said...

I can't believe i didn't post here yet!!
I was dissapointed in this book-- I felt like the characters were not fully developed-- and truthfully I really didn't care for any of them :(
I am hopefull that the storyline will get better and that I will come to love Will and Jem more, as of right now i don't see why Tessa is drawn to either one of them.